DARK TRANQUILLITY ‘Forward Momentum’ Song Review

I hadn’t actually heard of this group going into my first listen of the track, is that a bad thing? No, not really. I didn’t really connect with the song at all. It started off with so much hope and excitement, then it died down and became really quite boring. There isn’t any spice or wonder within the track, it also seems to just truck by. It isn’t a bad track, not at all, but it doesn’t have enough going for it for me to like it either. It all felt a bit cheesy and little bit cliche; like a watered down, weaker Devin Townsend Project. Let’s dive into this review shall we…

Production wise the song felt a little too noisy; not in the good way. The texture came across more as filler and it honestly sounded a little messy through my big speakers. Each layer just didn’t quite mould with one and other; it ended up creating a piercing sound when it really shouldn’t of. The guitars are very heavily distorted but sound needlessly distant. The drums don’t have that thud and impact which I’d prefer to hear in a big heavy track like this. The bass is the saving grace for me as it did cover the low end pretty darn well; it sounded clean and crisp. The vocals were difficult to make out and that’s not fault from the vocalist at all, it just was swamped by the instrumentation. I mean usually I’d just turn up the vocals a notch but here I think it would of been better to just quieten down the instrumentals.

Musicality wise the song is okay for this style of piece. The guitar has some sweet transitions and an exciting little solo section, but nothing at all came across as that catchy or memorable; it felt like technical playing for the hell of technical playing. The track clearly tries to delve into the doom genre but it just didn’t have anything to hold on to; it felt a little substance-less. The bass is most strumming which is a little boring for me; a proggy style bass line could of suited this track well. The drums are really underwhelming too as I felt the beat came across a little too safe and lacked any interesting fills or deviations. The vocal performance was difficult to hear, but what I did make out came across a little meh in all honesty. I think he has a decent voice but the screams/rough vocals felt a little tame for a track that’s meant to be this brooding.

Lyrically the song is pretty darn cheesy. It’s some of your typical doom/space metal type stuff, talking about things that carry no weight personally. I didn’t connect ith a single lyrical and I found the whole performance a little under-dramatised; it felt like the singer didn’t really care about what he was singing.

All in all then this song is competent, functional, but lacking any flair or individuality. After listening to this track, I don’t feel enthused to head out and listen to more by the group which is a little sad really.

5/10 – Quite forgettable, a lot of potential ruined, but not nearly as bad as what we’ve been given this month.


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