Fit For Rivals ‘Novacain’ Song Review

Ugh this is a hard one to judge. The instrumentals are pretty friggin’ terrible, but the vocals are excellent, what a dilemma. This is another group who I’d never initially heard of when going into my first listen. I can see that their videos are popular with a huge following, so it kind of goes without saying that surely I’m behind the trend here. Does this track make me want to go out and listen to more? Ah too difficult to say really. Does this track make me want to go find any of the singers solo work? Heck yeah it does, she has a great, unique voice. But anyways let’s cut the intro crap and dive into the song.

Production wise the song is pretty solid. The drums in particular sound great on this track; they’re deep, they’re wholesome and they’re impactful, three things I want to hear from a drum track. The vocals also sound great, never stooping into over production and instead allowing for the natural tone of the singer to be let loose. The guitars do sound a little thin and distant despite the huge distortion which I’m not a big fan of, but again they’re functional. The bass covers the low end well and never sounds too thin, once again, it’s functional.

The musicality is where the song falls down. The guitars just suck throughout the whole song here. I mean you have two guitarists, both strumming the same four power chords throughout the whole track; is it necessary to have two? When I see groups like Fish Tank and Biffy Clyro, killing it on guitar despite the vocalist being the lead guitarist, it makes the think that groups like this are a little lazy or are just plain bad at their instruments. t’s a stadium progression for a group that doesn’t suit a stadium and a track that has no climax. A guitar solo or a guitar harmony or two would of been great, but hey ho. The bass is just strummed, so yawn. The drum beat is predominantly tom based which I liked since the toms have been mixed so well. The transitions and fills are a little weak but that’s forgivable. The songs only real start is the vocalist. Her voice is powerful, rough, unique and tone driven; she sings her way and I love that. She’s the only person giving the group some form of individuality. The form is pretty one dimensional with NO BRIDGE. STOP BEING LAZY DURING BRIDGES, THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE PART.

Lyrically the song is rubbish and cheesy… Let’s move on.

So yeah, this track is frustrating. The basics are there; the production is solid, you have a good vocalist, a drummer who clearly knows what he’s doing and a presence in the mix. But the severe lack of technicality or anything interesting by the instrumentalists hits home hard; it distracts me from the track completely. It takes away anything catchy and that’s what I want from a stadium rock track. Also the lyrics are pretty awful, so again the songwriting is to blame.

5/10 – Lucky to get this rating really, you have a lot to owe your singer.


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