MØ ‘Drum’ Song Review

Outside of her collaboration with Major Lazer, I haven’t really heard many songs by MØ. She has one of the more intelligent fan-bases in pop music and her fans clearly think a lot of her sound; they come across as more musically driven people. However, not even her fans liked this track and I don’t blame this. This thing a big old dump of commercial rubbish. It sounds rushed, unimaginative and lazy; it’s just a completely unnecessary track. Not just that, but they MØ’s voice and completely neuter it. She has one of the most unique voices in the charts today, yet they throw that out the window on this completely repetitive tune.

The production of this track is shoddy at best, with each part sounding pretty low quality. The drums have so impact or bass to them, the vocals sound a little watery and over produced, and the synths add nothing to the track whatsoever. I mean the arrangement isn’t great, but you could of done better with your source material. It feels like the track is heavily compressed and really boiled down; not a fan at all. MØ’s voice, when left untampered, can be really interesting and enticing, but here she comes off sounding like any other bland pop singer. Her voice has been destroyed by production here.

The musicality of this track is laughable. The form is pathetic, absolutely pathetic. The progression never vary or change, each section is only differentiated by the dynamics which is lazy as heck… Let me get this off my chest… WHERE IS THE BRIDGE? STOP REMOVING BRIDGES I BEG OF YOU PLEASE! A bridge isn’t merely a quietened chorus or a third verse with a different melody, a bridge is a whole new section and build up for the final chorus so that the climax pays off, nothing pays off in this track because there is NO BRIDGE. Fourth time out of four tracks I’ve said it today, pathetic, truly pathetic. This is schoolboy stuff seriously. The melodies aren’t catchy and yet they are repeated a thousand times. The textures aren’t noticeable yet they are consistent throughout the whole track. The timbre’s aren’t entertaining or different in anyway yet they are consistent throughout the track. This song is so lazy it hurts. It’s clearly been pushed out with no thought to keep MØ in the public eye which is stupid because she still would be anyway.

The lyrics are awful too. The whole ‘beat of your drum’ thing has been knocked into the ground by now, which is funny, because it didn’t make any sense in the first place. David Bowie first used it like 40 years ago, since then we’ve had Charli XCX use it, 78 Saab use it, Zendaya use it and that’s just people I’m naming off of the top of my head! It’s a ridiculous concept that Bowie used as a passing lyric, get over it.

All in all this track offers absolutely nothing. The production is awful, the vocal performance is poor, the lyrics are terrible, the musicality is non-existent, it’s completely redundant. This will be no-ones favourite track ever, no-one will remember it by December and not a single fan of MØ will say that this is their favourite. Do not recommend and MØ needs to fix up her game fast.

1/10 – This song isn’t the worst song of the year by any stretch, but it’s complete lack of imagination, respect for music and obvious commercialism makes it deserving of his low score. It has nothing to offer of value making it a pointless song.


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