Issues ‘Blue Wall’ Song Review

This song is absolutely hilarious; it’s like the embodiment of a Jared Dines parody video, love that stuff. However, is the song meant to be hilarious? God no, but it is! This song is bad, it just is, there are up sides, but it’s just bad. The whole time it had me rolling my eyes due to the forced cliches and the predictable form. What a waste of time. From the first ten seconds I thought ‘wow this is some pretty technical stuff’, but it soon became obvious that the riff was not nearly as good as I initially thought. You can’t write one riff and rely on it the whole song, that’s just not right. It’s not technical, it’s actually just random notes that sound dark, repeating over and over; the time signatures don’t matter here when none of them resonate whatsoever.

Production wise the track is okay I guess. The guitar has a decent tone despite it’s low tuning and the drums are wholesome enough to surpass as a djent track. However, by the end of the song, it did just begin to sound like white noise. Too much in the low ground with no treble; sounded like an electronic warble. You can tell this thing has been patched up in production too, since the song sounds really mechanical. Each time signature change has been heavily edited so that the silences are more profound… Yikes. The clean vocals sound horrendous too with the tone being sucked out due to pitch correction and the rough vocals being about as loud as a whoopy cushion in a stadium. No impact. However, there is a little clean section around the minute mark that sounded gorgeous, I want to hear more of that.

Musicality wise the song came across as a Nu-Metal/Djent fusion; the two most comedic genres. The song just stuttered and stuttered, and possessed no life or meaning to it. Prog of course is my favourite genre, so it makes me chuckle when I see djent-heads try and copy the formula. The guitar, as I mentioned, never really varies and plays this real boring riff throughout the track. The drums are competent but none of the transitions or fills really hit me that hard; functional in all honesty. The form of the track is a little weird as it feels like they put the bridge after the opening verse; a little odd and ill fitting in my honest opinion. I’m all for changing the form up but this just sounded disjointed. The thing that annoys me most, is that this group is capable of so much more. That little clean sequence that started around the 50 second mark, sounded fantastic; even the vocalist fit this part well. But no, they go down this rap-djent route and it just sounds comical.

The lyrics were difficult to make out due to the severe lack of diction throughout the song, but I guess they were functional. I mean I didn’t connect with a single word or believe anything either singer was singing, but at least they weren’t too cheesy. Both of the singers deliveries however were pretty substandard. The rapper sounded out of place rapping over the accompaniment and the rough vocalist just had no gusto to him.

All in all, I don’t really recommend this track at all.

4/10 – Not my jam, not my jam at all.


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