Møme ‘Playground’ Song Review

Right so this track is mighty frustrating to me. It has all the elements needed for a great progressive house sound, but it just winds up being so stale. But the main thing… What the heck is that hook meant to be? The little pitch shifted synth… What were you thinking! That by far is the biggest blemish on the track. However, there are other flaws which we shall dive into right now…

Production wise the song is a little all over the place. You have the melody in the background, the beat in the foreground and synths in the mid-ground…? That doesn’t make any sense. As soon as the beat comes in, the whole track is swamped immediately with a kit that sounds pretty poor for an artist this profound. Also, the low end is weak for a house track. There is no bass or sub bass throughout the track because we are forced to listen to this thumping beat which doesn’t do it for me anyway. The synths do mix together well however, with a really vibrant texture being their outcome. The structure is also vibrant too; the arrangement suits the organic feel left by the production. But yikes, that hook, that’s nasty. Not only is it screamingly loud, it’s panned into the back right, why? It’s like a yappy dog in the corner.

Musicality wise the song is a little dry. It’s a copy and paste house track with some development added around the second chorus. Nothing new or exciting. But like I said, the synths are arranged well and never feel too electronic; in some ways they actually resemble strings. The beat is a little dry and has been chucked in there for club appeal; I would of liked to of heard a more mature beat that suited the instrumentals a little better. The melody though… I can’t escape it… It just sounds so bad and it hurts to listen to. The layering on this track is intelligent to say the least; in parts the song sounded more like a movie score than a house track and that’s what I like to hear.

Overall then this is a pretty short review, but then there isn’t much to talk about. The track is okay, but is muddied with a terrible melody. I’d like to concentrate on the potential though here as it’s proven that the artist clearly has a grasp of texturing and layering. If he can translate that onto a more mature and thought-out track, we are on to a winner.

4/10 – It’s amazing what a bad melody can achieve.


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