The Story So Far ‘Nerve’ Song Review

It’s no secret that ‘The Story So Far’ is probably my favourite pop punk group. Why? Well firstly they are one of the only groups to actually balance the punk part of their genre staple. Secondly, Parker’s voice is unreal and practically impossible to replicate. Good enough reasons? Well they should be… Now it’s a little strange that we are doing a review of this track since we’ve already reviewed the album it’s on. However, the music video was released fairly recently meaning that it still felt relevant to talk about a year on. Now I love the ‘The Story So Far’s self titled album, however, I think their acoustic EP is whole ton better. So it’s interesting to hear them back in their fully fledged, rock sound. How I’ve missed it…

The production on this track is pretty much identical to any other modern pop punk track. The drums are deep yet frenetic, the guitars are heavily over distorted and are left in the background, the bass is there simply to fill the low end, and the vocals screech out on top of the accompaniment. There are no changes to that formula here. The guitars are panned miles apart which is a little strange, but it’s same old, same old. It’s difficult to comment on the production when you’ve heard it done the same a thousand times before. However I will give props to this group in particular, they do sound much more rough and organic than other groups *cough* Neck Deep *cough*. Parker’s voice never sounds too pitch corrected (even though every line is clearly a different take), and the guitars never sound too robotic/thin.

The musicality of the track is actually fairly weak in comparison to a lot of the group’s other hits. It’s one of my least favourite songs on the Self Titled album for good reason. It lacks any character or thoughts; it’s just stereotypical pop punk sad boy rubbish. The guitar strum in unison with no harmonies or variation, the bass strums away the key note on each chord, the drums beat out the standard pop punk beat, and the vocals lack any melody; they’re just shouted. The form of the track has also led to there being, NO BRIDGE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE ADD A BRIDGE INTO YOUR SONG IT ADDS SO MUCH MORE TO YOUR TRACK! So yeah, just a bunch of choruses and verses, a bit plain really. The timbres are very rough and ready which is great for a punk track but that isn’t enough to hold on to.

The lyrics are a little wishy-washy, falling from cliche to cliche; I feel like I’ve heard the lyrics of this track a thousand times before in thousands of different pop punk tracks. The melody is non-existent so each word has no value either; just trope after trope shouted in my face. It’s funny because the accompaniment are so aggressive and Parker sings it so aggressively, yet the lyrics are like GCSE English Literature poetry. I didn’t connect at all and the track just passed me by.

All in all then, it hurts to slate ‘The Story So Far’, but this track is by far one of my least favourite from the group. If this track was the only one I ever listened to by the band, then it’s fair to say that they’d be forgotten in my books.

5/10 – Your standard 2013 – 2016 pop punk track.


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