Marshmello ft. Wrabel ‘Ritual’ Song Review

I have no clue who either of these acts are; I saw the video pop up, saw that it had a load of views and though, ‘eh, might as well give it a crack’. Do I regret that decision? Yes and no, wasn’t like I was going to do anything else productive in that time anyway. So I take it Marshmello is a DJ and Wrabel is a singer? Could be wrong, but who cares at this point, let’s just dive into this review.

The songs a dud, the fourth one of the day; I can’t believe Kid Cudi is the only guy to of turned up this month. It’s boring, plain and a little bit too safe for me. I mean it isn’t bad, but it just comes across as functional and functional to me is lazy, lazy is bad, so I guess it is bad… How did we get to that I will never know. But anyways back onto the point, I didn’t really connect with this song whatsoever; the lyrics are meaningless, the song contains no catchy melodies and there is nothing of worth from beginning to end. It would be nice for a house/beat track to change it up once in a while (I’m hoping if I say that on every single house track from now on, that someone will listen and prove me wrong).

Production wise the song is competent, but not outstanding. The bass is a little thin and held back, the programmed synths lack any life or texture and the vocals are difficult to make out at times. Everything seems swamped with these lifeless synths. There are any sweet timbres or exciting studio effects, just cut and paste programming; a little dry if you ask me. The beat sounds okay though, I guess it managed to fill the low end fairly well.

Musicality wise, well there isn’t really much musicality. I mean the song is long and the form is a little strange, but there isn’t actually that much substance. The progressions and sequences you hear during the first minute never really change and that causes the song to get might repetitive. I would of liked to of seen some catchier instrumental melodies too, like a synth or a piano playing something that I can actually recognise; the progression is utterly forgettable. The vocal performance is okay (well what I can hear of it) but the singer definitely lacks of a lot of diction on his words; some words sound a little muffled to say the least. Of course there is no bridge because pop tracks just seem to refuse to have bridges anymore, but nonetheless, it could be worse and we had worse last month.

The lyrics are very forgettable and lack any depth, but they aren’t entirely unoriginal so I will give them props for that. However, this whole Summer party style beat, doesn’t fit this season whatsoever and it immediately sounds a little outdated; you waited too long on this one fellas.

All in all then, this review is obviously fairly short, but then there aren’t any real moments to talk about. It would be nice to hear a little more variation next time around but I just know that that won’t happen. I’ll continue listening to my Shadow Child and Chris Gresswell…

4/10 – I’ve heard worse, I’ve heard better… I’ve definitely heard better.


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