My Enemies & I ‘Fiends’ Song Review

It’s quite fitting that it was Halloween last night, because today we are having an absolute horror show. What the hell November, are you even trying? This song is a dud, yet another clanger from Fearless Records. I can’t stand the way metal has dropped off this year; everything sounds the same. This group aren’t even really trying to create their own sound, they are just another group of cash cows for the label. When you’re Asking Alexandria rip off, that’s hen you know you’ve hit the rock bottom of the music pile.

The production on this track is more functional than competent. The drums do sound deep and wholesome yes, but the bass has no presence whatsoever. The guitars also have these terrible distorted guitar tones that just reek of Motionless in White (can you smell it, smells bad I know). The vocals sound pretty robotic too, and in the chorus they almost dissipate; they are so blimming quiet that I can’t make out a single word. Try harder producer man, try harder.

The musicality is of course, minimal at best. The sections just repeat and repeat until an early, abrupt ending; no substance whatsoever. The opening riff is two note (one having some slightly chaotic vibrato, the other being open) so yeah, that’s exciting… The bass also follows this two note routine, but instead, he strums it… The drums bang away this average metal beat that we’ve heard a thousand times before; where are the exciting fills and transitions lads! The chorus riffs do have a few more notes don’t worry, they have like at least four notes, that’s pretty good right? It will have to do… AND OF COURSE THERE IS NO BRIDGE. I’m sorry, but I don’t count a breakdown as a bridge, it’s a transition or (as the title suggests) it’s a broken down verse or chorus section… So bleugh really…

The lyrics are dreadful, of course they are. Some edgy, gothic, emo crap about something or other, honestly I phased out by this point. I feel like I’m making more effort to review this song than they did actually writing it so I’m going to cut it off early here.

Do I recommend this track? No. Is it the worst track of the day? Somehow, it’s not, is that saying something? I think you can predict the answer pretty safely without me having to even tell you…

2/10 – Completely lacking any imagination or fun, the only redeemable factors lie in the functional production.


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