Section Boyz ft. Skepta ‘#Worst’ Song Review

On behalf of Great Britain I’d like to apologise for allowing this group of tripe to be one of our biggest exports, no wonder Europe got annoyed at us, we were ripping them off for trading out these guys. If you can’t tell by that opening statement, I genuinely hated this track. It’s un-imaginative, it’s forced, it’s cliche and it’d actually a travesty to music; it’s actually disrespectful to this form of entertainment. People really get hyped for this, like really? If you compare Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar to this crew, it’s like comparing an Aston to a wheelie bin (probably the green one as that’s where all the natural waste goes).

Production wise, the track is awful, of course it is. All grime tracks are produced on the cheap, but only the decent ones make it work authentically; this track failed miserably. These guys can afford and probably used a super high end studio, just to create something that sounds like it’s off of a PS2 rhythm and jive game. It sounded attrocious. The strings are very obviously programmed, the beat lacks any deep thud to it, there is no bass line and the sequencing lacks any imagination. One parts quiet, one parts loud, one parts quiet, one parts loud; that’s not how you mix a track. The vocals didn’t mesh at all with the instrumentation and the track just felt like a live performance… Even though it wasn’t.

Musicality wise… Why am I even talking about the musicality. It’s non-existent. Other than Skepta, all the deliveries are unprofessional and lack any oomph. The progression isn’t catchy, yet they choose to repeat it a thousand times, the form is just verse, chorus, verse etc with no variation whatsoever. Of course there isn’t a bridge because they haven’t found out what that is yet in the world of music. It’s just laughable. Do you really need this many members to rap over a beat? Like I get that you all have different tones and different sounding voices, but do you have to all perform in a song together every time? It’s funny the first time, but the 124234th time it’s actually somewhat scarring.

Lyrically the song is a sad waste of time. It’s cheesy and cliche, and guess what they talk about!? Being violent and how their crew is so darn feisty…. Great one, no one’s ever said that before. Like I don’t really give a damn about the promotion of gang culture in music because it’s just music, but this is pathetic is really is. Each rapper delivers the same bunch of lyrics, just in a different order. Try rapping about something different for a change it’s depressing hearing this… Especially when the majority of your fans are rich white girls now, yikes so fierce…

Overall then this track is a complete dud. If you want to listen to grime, that’s great, listen to Kano, some solo Skepta stuff or maybe even some Tempah T; at least they have some personality and character. This track is just painful.

1/10 – Not a single redeeming factor other than Skepta’s few lines, otherwise this track would of grasped that magical 0 spot.


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