Skylar Grey ‘Lemonade’ Song Review

I haven’t heard Skylar’s name pop up since she did that track with Eminem a little while back (I can’t remember which one, it was a little forgettable to me). So what do I know about this artist? Absolutely nothing, nada, not a darn thing. However, that actually left me a little excited to hear the track; going in fresh is always the best way to review a track. Let’s cut the pleasantries short and dive into this review…

Yeah the songs a dud. In fact, I can go so far as to say that I disliked this track (ooo spooky). It’s not catchy, it’s a little cheesy, the instrumentals are terrible and the vocal melodies are laughable; gosh I hope Skylar didn’t write this one…

Production wise the song is pretty damn flimsy. Way too much low end and nothing else covering the trebly stuff. No matter what anyone says, you cannot combine a trap beat with an acoustic guitar; the timbres are so conflicting that it leaves a track sounding cheap as a result. This track? It sounded cheap as heck. The guitar and drums just didn’t mesh together whatsoever; they are two separate layers working against each other rather than with each other. The vocals also seemed to lack any diction whatsoever, I don’t know whether that’s down to the delivery or the production. The vocals also lost the organic approach as soon as the harmonies kicked in; they sounded pitch corrected and are panned atrociously.

Musicality wise I think Skylar was at least trying for a new sound, but it just didn’t work whatsoever. Her voice doesn’t fit a trap beat, acoustic guitar doesn’t fit a trap beat, folky harmonies don’t fit a trap beat, and she has one the worst rapping voices I’ve heard all year (yes nearly as bad as Future). She couldn’t make up her mind as to whether this track is meant to urban or folky; so she just did both to calamitous effects. The progressions are boring and static, the beat is incredibly ill fitting with far too much concentration left on the hi-hats, the vocal performance is all over the place, and the tracks form is a mess. She tried putting a bridge after the final chorus which again, just didn’t work. This song all comes down to the arrangement. The arrangement is terrible.

Lyrically the song is cliche and cheesy, with Skylar trying to act all edgy and different; it just didn’t work. There isn’t any point releasing a track about Lemonade when Beyonce has already done it; you automatically become second fiddle. But the way she delivered these lyrics surprised me. In parts she sounded strong and pure, in others she sounded horrendous. Like I said, she really shouldn’t rap. Her voice is far too delicate and soft to rap, and she has no control over her plosives. Someone needed to give her a bigger pop filter for the way she performed this track…

So all in all, I definitely do not recommend this track. Go listen to Kid Cudi’s new song, it’s far better and the video is a lot of fun too, this ones just a waste of time.

3/10 – I won’t be listening to any more Skylar Grey in a hurry.


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