Temples ‘Certainty’ Song Review

Now this track is completely different to anything I’ve heard thus far today. It’s weird and wacky, wondrous yet a little repetitive… Wait repetitive? Yeah I know that sounds somewhat oxymoronic, but the track lacks a whole ton of staying power. It’s great for the first two minutes or so, but then it goes on, and on, and on, and… You get the point.

Production wise the track is fairly solid with some really vibrant textures holding the track together. Without a strong production value this track would of become disjointed very fast. It’d be nice to hear some more bass in the mix though, the low ground felt empty for the majority of the track. In fact I’m pretty sure that my subwoofers didn’t pick up a single note, yikes. The vocals are mixed well, but often get swamped by the sheer velocity of the synths; turn one down, turn the other up, simple fix. The beat is a little thin too, never really adding any impact to the track. I loved the timbres and weird tones used on the synths though, I need some more of that in my life yes please. It gave the track a really quirky atmosphere that pulled me in from the first note; I wish house tracks would use more stuff like this (I’m looking at you Marshmello).

Musicality wise the song is okay, but does get tiresome. I think the melody is catchy sure, but it repeats far too many times. It also reduces from the vocal hooks as it establishes itself as the dominant sequence. The progressions are pretty static and never really change from part to part, but it is sweet to hear these new synths put together. I got a real 80’s vibe throughout the track and I love it when a song can transport me into a different era. I liked how random synths popped in at out too; that kept the track interesting and unpredictable. The vocal performance is a little shaky in all honesty. It came across slightly too cloudy and ‘out-there’. It often became a little over pitchy and it lacked a cohesive melody; random words with random notes.

Lyrically the song is okay but again a little strange. I mean I love strange, I do, but sometimes you’ve got to reign it back to actually tell a story that means anything. Take Fish Tank for example. Their lyrics are very odd and rely on very strange tropes, but they do tell an underlying, personal story; this track told me nothing. That left me feeling disconnected from the group and hence it furthered my boredom over the final minute.

Overall then this track is a good deal of fun in small doses. It’s not a track that makes me want to go out there and listen to more Temple’s music, but it’s a start. I think I’m probably not the right audience for the track anyway, so I’m not going to hold any grudges.

6/10 – Worth a listen for the crazy synths but it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste.


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