Alesso ‘Take My Breath Away’ Song Review

After coming off of a review of potentially the best album to come out this year, it’s fair to Alesso was thrown in the deep end. Nonetheless, this song still would of been considered a dud whichever way you look at it. Alesso is one of those DJs that sells out for singers like Tove Lo and Madilyn Bailey, who will keep making hit after hit despite having a really unrecognisable songs that are less than memorable; he’s popular because the media says he’s popular. I’ve never gone up to anyone and heard them say ‘oh have you heard the latest Alesso track’, and after listening to this track, I can see why…

Production wise the song is okay, but it’s just another pop song. It’s a copy and paste formula with some tweaks; take after take until you get it right, slap it with some pitch correction, a gate and a dual pan and it’s done. No love or attention has been put into the production of this track. It’s a lump sum track in my opinion. That means it’s a track that has been brought to a random studio with a fair bit of funding, asked to be edited like a pop song without attention to detail, and has been pushed out quickly to keep the artist in the public spectacle. The instrumentals are completely lifeless. I mean the beat is fairly wholesome and deep, and the vocals are listenable, but the whole thing just sounds robotic. I mean I get he’s a DJ and probably produced this whole thing himself, but this could of been anyone’s project.

Musicality wise the song is safe from the first second. It follows every single pop cliche in the book to a tee. I feel like I’m putting in more effort writing this review than the songwriters did refining this song. Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Pre Chorus, Chorus… No bridge… Fantastic, as stale as they come. The break down synth/beat is weak and forgettable too; the synths possess no interesting timbres or tones, they just fall flat. The vocal performance is pretty bad too to be perfectly honest. No enthusiasm or passion has been put into this track, it sort of just floats on by with no real impact on any line. The melody is largely monotone too which makes her voice sound really plain; Alesso needs to start picking some more interesting singers.

Lyrically the track is rubbish, it just is. There is no glossing it up. The lines are cheesy and cliche, and the track is obviously pandering to a broad audience. There isn’t any personality or character, there aren’t themes or experiences; the lyrics are just by the numbers. It’s a blatant rip off of every other electro-pop track.

All in all then, the track sucks. I’m not going to be nice about this one, I don’t have it in me. It’s safe, overtly simple and just plain boring.This song has no heart or soul, waste of my time. I don’t recommend it.

2/10 – The only redeemable factor is that the beat has a fairly bassy kick and the vocals don’t quite sound like garbage.


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