Alex & Sierra ‘You Will Find Me’ Song Review

Gosh what a yawn fest. This track is real boring, and obviously panders to it’s younger audience. It came across sounding like a rejected Disney track; this is why I say that ballads are so difficult to listen to. It just dragged on and on and on, but the most annoying part? The song isn’t bad. Like it isn’t. There aren’t any obvious flaws, none at all. But when a track is so predictable and so by the numbers, you end up hating it anyway. I want music to be expressive and surprising, not cheap and safe.

Production wise this track is fine, just fine. The piano keeps it’s organic tone, the vocals mix fairly well with the accompaniment and the drums are competently mixed. However, I would love to hear more impact on the kit; I have no idea why producers haven’t adopted the prog style of drum mixing yet, it’s so much more superior. I feel a bit sorry for the production though as there isn’t much you can do with such bland source material.

Musicality wise… What do you expect me to say? It’s four chords, follows a regular form and possesses the most basic of vocal melodies. I will say that the male singer is buckets better than Sierra; his voice has a much better tone and it much more pure, he was carrying the track for me. However, where are the interesting harmonies? If you’re going to form this double act, you’ve got to sing more homophonically; take a leaf out of the folk book, stop singing the same notes as each other, and instead cut across each other, I want to differentiate you from each other. Of course there is no bridge, as there never is any more in pop, and of course that left the song feeling completely anti-climactic.

Lyrically the song is a right cheeseball. Every line is corny and there are no unique ideas expressed here. Nothing feels personal and I didn’t connect with a single word. Love is an easy thing to write about, but it’s the hardest thing to make completely personal; I want personal, I want to connect with this act on a personal level. I want experiences and individual themes, not movie tropes and bad poetry.

All in all then, this track is a dud. It’s a dud because it’s ridiculously safe and an obvious chart ploy; I won’t play those games, not at all.

3/10 – The only redeeming factors lie around Alex’s voice.


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