Boxtape ‘Fancy Objects’ Song Review

Here at String Buzz we love our independent music, I mean it kind of says it in the title. But the last week or so, the quantity we’ve had shipped our way has been a little slim; this always happens when approaching the Christmas period. However, we have been lucky enough to be granted a sneak peak of the upcoming track ‘Fancy Objects’ by Boxtape; pretty cool right?

The Sussex based duo, yes you heard me duo, are quite a surprising mix. I mean one is an electric guitarist and the other an acoustic. Different combination eh? It’s always fresh to see a group take on a genre in a different style; music is always capable of progression and development, this duo embodies that.

Production wise the track has surprisingly decent moments of an independent track. The chorus in particular sounds very spacey and atmospheric, and the guitar solo carries this really sweet tone; I didn’t think the distortion was going to fit this well, but it did. However, I think the verses do need a little tweaking. The vocals are panned very central and they don’t quite mix with the accompaniment in parts. Perhaps some dual tracking, maybe a splash of reverb and some volume checking is needed; this is from a producer standpoint and I’m sure only producers will notice it.

Musicality wise the track had some real shining moments. The acoustic progression is simple yes, but the melodies being played from guitar to guitar had me excited; I love the homophonic approach. The form is of your regular pop track but we do get a tasty bridge; finally a track that actually utilises a bridge. We get a sweet guitar solo here, one that’s actually surprisingly technical and really well executed; broke the genre boundaries there and I liked it. Sure I would of liked to of heard some more instrumentals and accompaniment, but unfortunately that can’t be replicated live so why do it anyway.

Lyrically the song is very strong and very personal; I liked that approach. I connected with each word and with each lyric well; the themes expressed did seem believable and genuine. The vocal delivery only further pushed that since the purity and delicacy of her tone really fitted the lyrical expressions.

Overall then a really fun and quirky track. There is definitely potential here. I’d love to hear this duo with a higher production budget really let loose in a studio, I’m sure their eclectic mix would sound great with some big time mastering.


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