Jane Zhang ‘Dust My Shoulders Off’ Song Review

Now the music video for this track is excellent; really well thought out, quirky and down right funny. But the song is boring as heck, like really Meghan Trainor type stuff; tis a little gross in my opinion. I hate this whole bubbly gum pop style that so many artists are using; it’s so unoriginal and every track sounds so outdated as a consequence. First we heard Charli XCX go down this route at the weekend, and I’ already hearing new artists go down this way in November too; in the words of Filthy Frank ‘it’s time to stop’.

Production wise the song is surprisingly weak. All the elements are there for a great production, but they are so muddled and poorly executed. Especially during the first verse; when the acapella section is at it’s quietest, the lead vocals come out sounding like a singular dry vocals take. It seemed very odd to me. The vocals sounded completely unpanned and remained central meaning the presence was definitely missing.

The musicality of the track, well, there isn’t really much. I like acapella music when it’s done right, but this just reminded me of Pentatonix’s approach; robotic and soulless. If you want to sound like a barbershop quartet, then  throw in some more interesting harmonies, harmonies that perhaps cut across each other homophonically. The track just repeated and repeated with no variation or imagination. Guess what? There isn’t a freakin’ bridge. This song was crying out for a bridge that changed things up, but we just got nothing.

Lyrically the song is functional, it’s not bad but it is a little cheesy. It’s a lot of garble and nonsense that we’ve heard before, but this time with a different singer. But like I said, it’s not too bad. The vocal performance is okay too, other than that mishap in the first verse, she sounded pretty clear and profound for the rest of the track; she has a very soft and delicate tone, the producers need to utilise that more.

All in all then this track is a bit of a dud. It’s not horrifically bad and it’s certainly not as bad as Charli XCX’s number last weekend. But there are improvements that have to be made if I’m going to bother following this artist.

4/10 – Another average bubblegum pop track, nothing new here.


One thought on “Jane Zhang ‘Dust My Shoulders Off’ Song Review

  1. Hello, this is a message from China.
    First of all, thank you very much for noticing this song.
    Singer Jane Zhang is one of the most popular singers in China. Of course, her mother tongue is Chinese.
    This song is her first English album released in the United States ,and dust my shoulders off is the first song, then there will be other songs will appear.
    I hope you can continue to pay attention to her.
    By the way, I recommend you to see this performance by Jane Zhang, it is very staggering.
    【The Diva Dance】by Jane Zhang


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