Little Big Town ‘Better Man’ Song Review

So this track technically combines my two least favourite genres of music, ballads and pop country… However, I went in with an open mind, put my qualms to one side and just slumped down in my chair to listen freely. I hadn’t heard of Little Big Town before ahead of this track but I do know that this was written by Taylor Swift; fun trivia for you there. So pour yourself a brew and get reading this review, it’s the first one of the day and God do I hope it’s good…

This track is okay, not too shabby actually. I mean there re obvious flaws throughout the track, which we will get to, but nothing so bad that it deterred me from the song. There are some really decent moments in here that often caught me off guard; I didn’t expect clever instrumentals in a modern pop country track!

Production wise the song is solid for the most part. The acoustic guitar has this really rustic and warm tone to it which set the atmosphere nicely. When you mix that with a wholesome bass line and a nicely mixed kit, what can go wrong! Well of all things, it was the vocals that kind of let me down; especially in the bridge. Even though the verses and choruses sounded great and really well executed, the bridge sounded very strange. It felt like she was singing in dry; completely unmixed. When the instrumentation dissipated and we are left with her voice, it sounded like karaoke, yikes.

Musicality wise the song is pretty solid. Finally we got a form which actually included a proper bridge (even if the bridge is a little on the short side). I had a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling listening to this track; I want to hear more of this from country groups and artists. There is definitely an early Taylor Swift vibe in here; the melodies and instrumentals follow that soft spoken approach. Hearing this kind of makes me want her to go back to this ‘rootsy’ feel; mostly because I can’t stand her God awful pop garbage. The guitars followed a greatly intelligent progression; there are some sweet instrumental harmonies too. It would of been nice to hear a couple more timbres thrown into the mix as it did sound a little too clean at times, but that’s personal folky preference.

Lyrically the song is a little cheesy from time to time but it’s largely functional. This track obviously doesn’t resonate with me quite as much as others because I’m not American nor am I a female; a double whammy there. The vocal delivery of the track is a little lacklustre for me; the lead vocalist (I don’t know her name) often sounded a little forced and a bit outdated. However, I may notice this much more than the standard listener as I have to spot these things actively.

All in all then the track is pretty good, not great, but certainly listenable. It’s one of the better country tracks I’ve had the pleasure of listening to all year (which kind of says something about the state of the modern genre) and I’d recommend it to anyone for at least a single listen.

6/10 – Not a bad way to start off the day, especially on such a cold morning.


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