Margaret Glaspy ‘Emotions and Math’ Song Review

What really pulled me in to listening to this track, was the thumbnail on the music video on YouTube. Seeing a guitar in pop music is a rarity, so I’ve got to witness it when it comes along. Now I’ve never heard of this artist before, not one time, but I’m all for traditional instrumental pop music. I’ve noticed that she doesn’t have the biggest of followings so I can imagine she’s just starting out, shall we see how that went?

I thought this song, like the one I reviewed previously today, is pretty good. It’s not amazing, nor is it that great, but it’s not bad and it’s certainly listenable. There are some great moments and some not so great moments. I found myself a little troubled when trying to think about how I’d write this review, because the artist is incredibly unique; that has to be an overriding positive going for her. She is a recognisable individual with a tone that is both noticeable and different.

Production wise the track is a little quirky. The electric guitar has this really muffled distortion and the acoustic guitar has this heavily finger picked routine; it all contributes to a slightly rough timbre. Her voice is pretty much untampered allowing for her natural tone to really shine throughout the track. The drums sounded a little weak in parts but they certainly aren’t mixed badly; I just like a little impact in my tracks. She has this Suzi Quatro vibe to her which is pretty fresh for me.

Musicality wise the song is more grunge than anything else. The progressions are simple but memorable, and the vocal performance is pretty subdued and monotone. I did like the randomised form of the track which chucked all sorts of weird and wonderful moments in. The bridge with the dissonant chords I especially liked; that’s a pretty ballsy thing to attempt on a pop track. I did find her voice a little odd at time as if she was over-accenting some words; reminded me a little bit of the way the Foxing singer sings, a lot from their throat. The hook isn’t that catchy but the lyrics are memorable; the whole track is a bit of an oddball.

Lyrically, as I began to mention, the track is actually very strong. I loved the themes and experiences expressed in this track and I want to hear more of that from this artist. If she could just write a vocal melody that really allowed these words to shine, I’m sure she’d be on to a winner.

Overall then, this song is almost there. It’s not quite a career defining piece but it certainly isn’t a career ending one either. It does make me excited to hear more work by the artist and I hope she continues down this grunge pop route; it suits her character well.

6.5/10 – Today is off to a pretty great start all things considered!


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