Music News: Potential Oasis Reunion?

It’s been teased and teased in the past month or so that this group would get back together despite the ongoing animosity between the two Gallagher brothers. One minute it was on, the next second off, the next on, the next off, you get the point. However, the rumours looked dead and buried by mid October with insults flying all over the place from Liam Gallagher. Of course he has a solo album coming out soon so we thought ‘eh, it won’t happen, he’ll just tour that album’, however, we could of been proven wrong,

NME, and the BBC have been reporting that Oasis are well on their way to reforming. The Australian music outlet known as ‘Noise11’ has supposedly heard off of ‘one UK rock band from the 90’s with a very close connection to Liam Gallagher’. Oasis has been tapped as the opening act for some upcoming shows and that fans could be in for the ‘ride’ of their life.

The infamous Liam and Noel rivalry that has been going on for nearly a decade no, has supposedly been ‘well and truly mended’ too according to the They also think that ‘a public display of antagonism may work in favour of publicity’.

To me this story just doesn’t add up. Why would Oasis get back together during Liam’s solo album release period, why would Noise11 of all people be the ones with the first news of a reformation and why would Oasis be an opening act? They are one of the biggest, most notorious acts of all time, yet they’d be an opening act in upcoming shows? Something doesn’t add up to me…



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