Charlie Puth ‘Dangerously’ Song Review

Going into this track, it was incredibly hard to put my biased criticisms aside. I feel that Charlie Puth is responsible for some of the worst tracks to come out this decade, it would be wrong for me to not put that out in the air immediately. However, I did manage to put my reservations aside and I feel that I went in with an open mind. Shall we see how that went?

The song is better than his usual tripe but it’s just okay. It’s another very forgettable ballad with not much soul or personality, but it’s certainly not bad; I’ve hard much worse this week. There were some bits that I liked, and some that I didn’t; the song is at an average balance for me.

Production wise I think this song is just as bad as every other Charlie Puth song. The low end of the track is practically non-existent and I found the whole song to be very robotic and mechanical. The drums in particular were mixed terribly. I don’t why he tried using a trap style kit on this track, but I do know it was the worst part of the song. The snare sounded horrific; it sounded like someone banging on a granite surface with a ruler. The rest of the instrumentation is mixed okay but it does lack a lot of life and vibrancy. The synths in particular lacked any tonal qualities and carried one of the blandest timbres I’ve heard all week. Charlies voice has also been mixed rather poorly. His voice sounds so robotic and pitch corrected that I just blanked his voice out for a lot of the track, thinking it was a backing synth.

Musicality wise the song is by the book really. It follows just about every pop stereotype you can think of. However, I will praise Charlie here for throwing in a great bridge; more bridges need to be used in pop music and here is the reason why. It just elevated the track a little higher and varied it up a little; I love that. The instrumental progressions and sequences however are a little too cheesy and un-imaginative for me. Especially in the chorus, it sounded like I was listening to a stage musical number rather than a pop track; I hate when stage dramatics are brought into music. The melodies are okay and the hook has it’s moments, but I won’t be humming it away any time soon.

Lyrically the song is a dud. The track is put together with bog standard cliches and a hook that doesn’t even make any sense. Loving someone ‘dangerously’ is an awfully cheesy theme that really doesn’t mean a lot when you dissect it; the theme didn’t give him much to work with. I also found Charlies delivery of the track completely forgettable and I didn’t believe a word he said which hence meant I didn’t connect with said theme.

Overall the song is okay, just okay. He needs to work a lot more on his lyrics and a lot less on dramatic faces in music videos.

5/10 – Another standard chart track here, nothing special.


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