Cher ft. P!nk ‘I Walk Alone (Acoustic)’ Song Review

Unfortunately I’ve always preferred Cher’s acting career to her music career. Her songs are often absolute cheese fests and have been subjected to the harshest of memeing (especially recently). Having said that, she has made some pretty catchy stuff in her time. Sure they aren’t good songs and aren’t anywhere close to being good songs, but they are catchy and memorable, just perhaps for the wrong reasons. As for P!nk, well I kind of cite her as one of the most overrated singers working today. Now I know a ton of people will be annoyed at me saying that, but I honestly don’t think she’s that great. She makes this horrendously cliche blend of punk and pop, and it comes out sounding so cheap and bleugh. From a prog perspective, she embodies a lot of what I don’t like about music, image and approach over style and substance. So how would this combination do on this track…?

It’s better than I thought it would be, but it’s strangely bland. You have two of the biggest characters in music history on one song, yet this is the outcome? I get how it’s just an acoustic track blah blah blah, but that doesn’t mean it has to be quite so lifeless. I mean the annoying thing for me as a reviewer, is when a track has no real glaring flaws, yet still is a pain to listen through. Why is that annoying? Well it makes it so difficult to tell you why I just didn’t connect with this track. I think it’s more to do with production than anything else…

Production wise this song sounds way too clean. The track is built as a folky intimate tune, yet it has been glossed up so vigorously that it sounds like a boyband acoustic track. The acoustic guitar sounds a little too plastic considering it’s being finger picked, just hold back on the production here and there please. The vocals are mixed okay, but they again have been mixed in a way that it should slot into a huge instrumental mesh, not on top of just a solo acoustic guitar.

Musicality wise the track is pretty good. Credit where credit is due, the song has been built fairly well. The form is interesting and possesses enough variation for me to be kept happy. The melodies are catchy and memorable, and I think it’s a fairly decent showing. P!nk here has done a pretty great job on the melodies and lyrics here, if only she could do the same for her own music. There is even a guitar solo in this track, when was the last time we had a guitar solo in a pop track on this site?! Never?! And you know what? It’s a good guitar solo! There is a level of technical proficiency which works well here, it’s nice to hear a more intelligent track than the usual acoustic ballad. However, the instrumentals come across as a little lifeless. They come across as copy and pasted, and there are no spicy transitions or interesting developments on any parts. It left me feeling quite bored in all honesty.

Lyrically the song is a little cheesy, but I believe the words Cher is singing. It sounds sincere and I can certainly connect with what she is saying; her performance s believable. I’m not huge fan of the way the chorus lyrics are delivered but then that might be personal preference.

All in all then the song is okay, not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. But it did lack that little bit of spice. It’s just a bit… Well… Boring…

5/10 – Another 5/10 track today, jheeze.


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