Code Orange ‘Forever’ Song Review

Code Orange are probably the most intimidating band I’ve ever heard. Each one of their tracks manage give this weird, uncomfortable feeling. Their blend of doom metal and grunge, creates this really gritty and nasty atmosphere; they have a niche and they are brilliant at it. To quote a comment, when their own fans say they are selling out, to normal people it still feels like their music is hitting you around the face with a mace. They can be literally terrifying… BUT… Their music is good. I like Code Orange. They are fun and are pretty different,that’s my thing really. So what did I think of this song in particular then…

Again is pretty darn spooky, but it’s pretty good. It’s much less doom metal this time round and more slow death metal (if that even makes any sense). There are more riffs, more sections and the vocals are slightly more gruff. It’s music that puts hair on your chest, it really does.

Production wise the track is surprisingly good. Though the tuning’s are dead low and the beats are slow and lumbering, the song manages to keep this clarity; good job whoever produced this track. Each note is crisp and recognisable, and each lyric flies about in the stereo field; the track is surprisingly vibrant. However, I kind of like the eerie, rough production on their older tracks, this one didn’t give me that dirty feeling I was looking for, darn.

Musicality wise the song is pretty simple really. It’s a couple of deep dark notes, nothing particularly special however. However, the riffs are catchy and they are much more exciting than the usual Code Orange stuff. The form also allows for this crazy bridge where we get like a classic metal revival; it’s disjointed, but it kind of rocks. But of course, we have a breakdown. The signature Code Orange breakdown too, where the tempo goes down to like 40bpm; the good stuff. However, it is cut a little short and that peeved me off a little bit.

Lyrically… Yeah I couldn’t actually make out any of the lyrics but I imagine they are pretty gloomy…

All in all then this track isn’t a Code Orange track, it’s a good metal track, but it isn’t a Code Orange track. It lacks that atmospheric presence and those cutting themes you’d expect from Code Orange track. This song doesn’t possess the character that I’d usually hear from the group that pulls me in, it’s a shame, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

6/10 – The tracks today are hitting the average mark pretty consistently, how dull.


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