Fuse ODG ‘Jinja’ Song Review

Fuse ODG is a much more important artist than anyone else lets on. I personally hold him accountable for thousands and thousands of terrible pop tracks released over the last few years, why? Well he’s inspired this new pop wave of crappy African beats and it just sounds so corny. Like don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and very listenable, but once you’ve heard two or three tracks, you’ve heard them all. Now groups like Maroon 5 are getting in on the trend and it just makes me gag; I physically hate the style. It’s like a crappy, poppy reggae with no spirit or soul. It’s music made on the cheap, quickly and thrown out to an audience that don’t really care about music, but rather like dancing or prefer culture. The majority of the charts now are made up of this terrible Caribbean rip off rubbish, with rich lasses from Kensington or Cambridge singing in an African accent; why, why do this? Look at Sia for example. She’s a middle aged Australian, singing in an African accent with featurettes from the likes of Sean Paul; how is that authentic at all.

This track is garbage by the way if I hadn’t already mentioned that. It’s thin, it’s contentless and it’s boring. There are no catchy melodies, the beat is stale and repetitive and the track really hasn’t got anything going for it.

Production wise the song is terrible, it just is. The vocals sound robotic and generated, the beat is deep yet lacking any tone, and the other instrumentals make up this jarbled mess of backing noise. It’s layers just for the hell of filling layers. Each sound has been put through a factory work of effects, losing any of it’s organic texture it had in the first place. The producer clearly wanted a quick pay check, so he blasted this out with every stereotypical effect you can imagine, placed on each layer without any attention to detail.

The musicality? Well what musicality. This is a beat for beat replica of every other Fuse ODG track. The beat is lifeless and follows this same three bar routine over and over again. The instrumentation follows the same progression over and over again. The vocal melody follows the same sequence over and over again; this is a copy and paste track, laziness, utter laziness. The form doesn’t even have a bridge, it’s just another verse/an extended chorus. No intelligence or care has been put into this track, it’s a rushed mess.

Lyrically the song is pretty weak too. I mean the lyrics are so cliche and terrible, that it just makes your eyes wince when listening. Some of the slang used sounded so forced too and it was just there to makes lines rhyme, it often felt pointless again to me. Of course the delivery is substandard too because I didn’t believe or connect with a single line; just truly a garbage heap of a track.

All in all I definitely don’t recommend this song and it’s about time we got over this stale, copycat trend.

1/10 – The only redeemable factor holding this off of the bottom spot, is that it’s not as bad as Future’s track last month, otherwise it was a complete waste of my time.


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