Maggie Rogers ‘Dog Years’ Song Review

After completely falling in love with Maggie’s last track ‘Alaska’, it’s fair to say that expectations were running pretty high going into this one. I thought her unique tone and approach to producing music felt so fresh to me; it’s lovely to hear pop music evolve and develop, this is the popular stuff I want to listen to and hear on the radio. But who knows, it could all crumble away if this track is a bust, shall we see how it went?

Eh I’m a bit more indifferent to this one. I mean it’s still a good track and bounds better than a lot that has been released this week, but it lacks that bit of spice that ‘Alaska’ had. Unfortunately I just didn’t really connect with the song, everything just seemed to pass me by a little bit. But then this is an EP/album track, it’s not a single, so I wasn’t expecting it to knock my face off. It came across a little like filler, but good filler, filler that you won’t skip but won’t particularly concentrate on either.

Production wise the song is of course pretty solid right the way through. The beat is wholesome and deep, the vocals rustic and folky, and the instrumentals come across as vibrant and recognisable. I don’t really have a single flaw for the track in terms f production other than the low end being a little skimpy. Perhaps a deeper, driving bass line would of done the job but who knows.

Musicality wise, all the elements are there for a great track, it’s just I didn’t really find them that catchy. The harmonies are gorgeous and intelligent, the instrumentation follows interesting progressions whilst utilising unique timbres, and the performances all round are good; but it just lacked spice and instrumental character. I think the form had a great deal to do with it. The track is four and a half minutes long, yet nothing really changes. I mean you can’t even consider that middle eighth as a proper bridge, because it’s just the instrumentals slightly thickened up with no vocals over the top. It just felt like something was missing, something that would cut across the top and really hit me.

Lyrically the song is still solid as ever. Like Pharrell said when he first met her, songwriters are always so much better and noticeably better than singers. Her lyrics felt personal and I believed every word she said. The lines are almost methodically phrased making the track that bit more meaningful.

Overall then the track is okay. It’s better than your standard pop track but it isn’t nearly as good as her last outing. I’m still excited to see what she does next, but this track has deflated me a touch.

6/10 – A decent track, but not a great track.


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