Meek Mill ‘Blue Notes’ Song Review

This song is disjointed as heck and I didn’t enjoy it. Is that a good enough review? Well I guess not… Meek Mill is a rapper I’ve often heard about, yet have never heard a song by. I don’t know whether that’s because he’s more controversial than competent musically, or whether his songs just flat out suck. I see his name hit the headlines over and over, but never for his music, I wonder why that is… Judging by this track, I can almost definitely understand why.

The production is okay, it’s actually better than a lot of rap tracks. I liked the instrumentals during the verses and everything sounded pretty pristine… Apart from the sample. That sample didn’t fit whatsoever and and it sounded rough as heck; that’s an example of sampling for samplings sake. It had no baring on the track either which left it that bit more pointless. I couldn’t tell whether the vocals were sloppily delivered or just plain bad, but I couldn’t understand a word. He needs to practice his diction and plosives so that every notes doesn’t just sound like a garbled mess.

Musicality wise the song is a little difficult to dissect. I mean the instrumentals in the verses are intense and follow a catchy progression, but then the choruses dissipate and we are left with this bog standard blues sample. As soon as the track began to get up ahead of steam, it would stop and start again; the track just never went anywhere. The songs vocal melody is pretty good and there are some catchy phrases put here and there in the verses, but I just couldn’t make out anything so it left me feeling a little lost. The track felt heavy on the low end, light on the top; the song just lacked a lot of substance. It felt half done and nowhere near completion. The form is pretty dire too, not including any bridges or pre-choruses, it’s just verse, chorus, verse, chorus; how dull.

Lyrically the song is… Well I don’t know, I couldn’t hear the lyrics.

All in all then this review is slightly shorter than your average review and with good reason. I mean I kind of want to hear more by Meek Mill but if it’s all unfinished like this track, then I’m just not going to bother.

4/10 – Just fell flat in so many ways, when there was certainly potential there, shame.


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