Bon Jovi ‘Labor Of Love’ Song Review

After absolutely loathing Bon Jovi’s last attempt at a single, I was hoping to the great Music God’s that this track wouldn’t be a bummer. I pretty much went into my first listen of the song with checklist with more of the checks centring around Jon Bon Jovi himself. That’s because it genuinely worried me how poor his vocal performance was in the last track; he sounded a shade of his former self. So shall we see how they got on this time?

Well the track isn’t nearly as bad as last time, but it’s still got so much going on against it. Again, for me, it centres around that voice. At points it sounded Jon was in pain trying to sing this track; it got pretty difficult to listen to. When you pair that with the shoddy lyrics and the static accompaniment, you end up having a difficult time listening to a tune. Anyways I’m going to dissect this one a little further as I feel there is more that can be said as to why I didn’t really get this track.

Production wise the song is okay, not terrible by any stretch. The guitars showcased a decent tone, the bass covered the low end well, and the drums had a little bit of impact when they came in. I don’t know who’s choice it was to have synths over strings for this song, but that really took away from the track. It sounded very 80’s and very outdated again; with organic instrumentation you could of avoided that. I think the problem I have with the synths is their bland tone and lack of timbre. I like a synth to be really cutting or really unique, not just covering ground. Vocal wise the song is mixed pretty well too, and you can tell how much was being done to atone for Jon’s lack of range and or strength.

Musicality wise the song has potential, but it’s wasted in various easy-to-fix ways. The backing instrumentals reminded me a lot of a Police song or a Bowie tune; it had this little catchy, quirkiness to it. I didn’t mind the throwback progressions and transitions they used here. But the songs form really took away from the track. Too many choruses, too many verses and the bridge didn’t do enough to excite me. It just kept repeating and repeating which doesn’t appeal to me personally. I think the track is a good minute too long for the substance it contains. The vocal performance is the worst part though definitely. His lack of power and dominance in the mix really had me wincing in parts for his sake rather than mine.

Lyrically the song is super cheesy and real cliche; it’s the same old stereotypes from the group. It would of been nice to hear more personal themes and more believable experiences, but unfortunately we got neither and we ended up with this mess of a lyrical pattern.

Overall then the track isn’t nearly as bad as before, but it’s far from being good too. It had potential with instrumentals and there are some great ideas there, but they really need to step up the maturity in their execution. Black Sabbath did it on 13, Dream Theatre do it on every album, ACDC somehow do it, Bon Jovi really needs to adjust.

4/10 – A big improvement from their last outing.


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