Bring Me The Horizon ‘Oh No’ Song Review

Going into this track it’s fair to say I’ve never been a very big BMTH fan. I never really understood their hype, and after listening to multiple tracks by the group, I still couldn’t name you the title of one. To me I always felt that they seemed conflicted and lost in what they were trying to express. The lyrics were often muddled and the instrumentals couldn’t decide on a style; jack of all trades but a master of none in my personal opinion. So it’s fair to say that expectations weren’t particularly high for this track, shall we see why?

Eh it’s not great. In fact I’d say it’s one of their worst songs to date. The reason being is that the track just contains no identity. It has no personal drive or push. It lacks originality and every member seems to be trying to act like someone else. I’m impressed with how Oli’s voice can change sure, but this doesn’t sound like a BMTH song, it sounds more like a bog standard Fall Out Boy Song. They are trying to capitalise off of the electronic genre way too much, that they are actively deterring their metal fans and their rock fans.

Production wise the song is okay. There aren’t any glaring faults that come to mind. The guitars clean tone in particular sounds very rich and sweet in the mix. The drums also possess a ton of deep impact; each part of the kit rings out nicely. The bass is a little quiet for me in the mix, but the low end in general is made up of a stern kick drum so I can’t be too mad. The vocals however do sound very robotic. They sound almost watery and thick with a chorus effect; it’s probably just the severity of the pitch correction software.

Musicality wise the song is okay. It’s not bad but it is real boring. The form is of your standard pop track and each section didn’t really vary enough for me to notice it very much. I mean the bridge started off nicely, and the whole trumpet thing is fairly new and unique, but it didn’t really build up to that final chorus making it a touch redundant. The progressions are a little dull but the guitar melody over the top is pretty catchy. In fact I’d say the least catchy part of this song, is Oli. His vocal melodies are weak and a touch monotone, and he didn’t inspire much in me. The whole track ended up feeling like an outdated Kerrang reject. It needed some more aggression and some more gusto, it felt a tad too limp wristed for me.

Lyrically the song is substandard. Again I felt distracted from anything he was saying. The hook that relied on the title phrase, just felt a little cheesy and corny for me, especially when hearing it come from a group with such a metallic past. I mean there were some lines that I can’t believe a group of this nature would even state, it sounded very cliche in general that’s the best way of describing it.

All in all then, a really forgettable electronic pop rock song. At least if it possessed a degree of originality, I would be able to separate moments, but here it was difficult because the group sounded like a hundred others; I’d be offending hundreds of acts with that one comment and that wouldn’t make sense.

4/10 – Kind of disappointed here really. Considering my expectations were low, it oudn’t of taken much to impress me.


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