Bruno Mars ‘Versace on The Floor’ Song Review

Goodness gracious this is the most 90’s track I’ve heard in a long time… Well in 16 years to be exact… Bruno Mars is back again with another single from his upcoming album, an album which I am particularly excited for. There is a reason why this guy is on top of the world at the moment, he is practically the perfect performer. He’s confident, he’s arrogant, he’s gifted, he’s exciting, he is the artist to watch at the moment. Coming off of some goliath hits this year, I thought that his next few singles wouldn’t be able to live up to the heights, but I was wrong. 24K Magic was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it, heck it nearly made track of the week during possibly the best week for music we’ve had all year. So how would his new single do in comparison?

Well this track is again, a ton of fun. Sure it’s a bit cheesy and the hook is pretty cliche, but it’s entertaining. That’s what Bruno does best, he makes music entertaining no matter what your background. You can’t help but smile when he’s functioning on all cylinders and that’s exactly what he’s doing here. What he also proved here, is that he has one of the best voices in pop music history; it’s genuinely incredible. His range is flat out huge, his power is practically unmatched, and his tone is downright gorgeous. It’s impossible to fault his vocal performance on this track.

Production wise this track is pretty good. I really love the 90’s vibe to it and it definitely sticks out in the crowd. I love the roads style keyboards we are given, the synths create a very vibrant texture, and the vocals are left organic and natural. Nothing feels too forced or too over-produced. It’s actually one of the better productions Bruno has had to date so hats off to the producer here.

The musicality of this song is interesting too. Another aspect that separates Bruno from a crowd, is his ability to write well crafted tracks. He doesn’t stick to a four chord progression, but rather livens things up. The chorus in particular follows a fantastic progression that keeps developing and developing; the final chorus climax knocked my face off. The form actually contains a proper bridge here too, allowing for that final chorus to have a much more impactful presence. The synths join together to create this beautiful mid ground that works hand in hand with the other parts of the instrumentation. The drums could of done with being a little deeper, but then that might of risked the overall mix.

Lyrically the song is really cheesy and outdated, but somehow, it works. The whole 90’s throwback atmosphere sounded great and, judging by the comments, it really brought a lot of nostalgia to people. The way the lyrics are delivered also really knocks us off our feet. Each word resonated ever so finely, really impressed with this one.

Overall then this track is a must listen. Writing about it has only given me more satisfaction in it’s outcome, I’m so impressed.

8/10 – A possible contender for track of the week.


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