Funeral For Bird ‘Gethsemane’ Song Review

Try pronouncing that title after a few beverages eh. Yes, we have another review on the site for Funeral For Bird’s new track, isn’t that a load of fun! So this artist has really impressed us here at the site since day one. Each track he puts out seems grounded and raw; he doesn’t gloss things up if they don’t have to be. He manages to create these intricate, genre hopping tracks that leave us feeling this melancholy mix of emotions every time. That’s the best way to describe this artist, emotive. Everything he’s says, everything he sings, everything he raises, just comes across as so believable and sincere. With all this in mind, it’s fair to say that expectations were high going to this track, so would he stumble or rise above it?

This has to be one of my favourite independent tracks of the week no doubt. Yet again he has proven these unique songwriting chops that showcase a degree of maturity that is well beyond his years. He’s the revival of Badly Drawn Boy I’m telling you! Each track never ceases to amaze me. Every track follows such a diverse pattern, yet each album sounds so cohesive; it’s incredible really. This track in particular, he allows his voice to take centre stage and I think that’s definitely a welcomed change.

Production wise this song is just as organic as every other Funeral For Bird track. The guitar is left dry and natural, the vocals have this eerie tweak to them, and then the rest of the instrumentation warmly covers the track in a sheet of wonder. He basically takes these huge instrumental interludes, and combines them into an acoustic track; he’s the only one in the biz that I know of taking this route. Thanks to that, each tone sounds varied and well layered. Each timbre sounds unique and fresh in the mix. The texture of every track sounds vibrant and exciting; that still applies here.

Musicality wise the song is great too. Sure there are a couple bum acoustic guitar notes, but somehow that adds to the character; usually I hate bum notes being left in, but it works here. The progression from simplicity to grandiose is always an exciting feature too. His music is almost prog like as it develops from it’s humble begins, to these rich places. I think this track has the smoothest transition yet from those two sections. I would of liked some more instrumental melodies perhaps cutting through so it didn’t feel so backing, but again that’s personal preference.

Lyrically the song is easy to connect with. The delivery is unique and almost chilling; it makes you sit down and listen as you’re grasped in to the performance. Each phrase resonates nicely.

All in all then I definitely recommend that you give this track a listen. It’s got a great chance of winning our track of the week award too, so all round, another great showing from this artist.


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