Kensington ‘Sorry’ Song Review

This track really surprised me, like truly. Going into it I thought the track would be just another indie ballad, but it’s much more intelligent and emotional than that. This song is a really great listen and it’s made me want to listen to more Kensington; it’s great when an act can do that to you. So let me dissect exactly why I liked this tune so much, get prepared for a strange jolly old read…

The production for this track is spot, I can barely fault it. The piano possesses a great tone which keeps it’s clarity throughout the track. The bass (when it comes in) fills up the low end nicely, and the drums kick in with a great deal of impact. If I were to change anything, it would just be a slight remix of the hi-hats, they sound  little too tinny for me but that might be personal preference. The vocals sound great too, with his organic tone really driving the track from start to finish. The synth/organ type backing noise (I couldn’t actually tell what it was) sounded excellent in the chorus too and gave me real chills the first time round.

The musicality of the song is also of a high calibre. Everything changes and develops as it should do. I got a real Paolo Nutini vibe from this track and I loved it. It felt emotional, it felt raw and it felt sincere; all the things I want to feel when listening to a ballad. I mean I could bang on about how great the introduction of the rest of the instrumentation was in the bridge, but you can hear that for yourself. What I do want to talk about, is this guys voice. I’m almost shocked that I haven’t heard him feature on many other tracks with other artists; he has a voice that would leave an audience stunned. He’s got this hugely powerful range and this gorgeous rustic tone; it just makes me want to hear more.

Lyrically the song is also pretty good, I mean sure it’s a bit cliche, but he delivers it well. A delivery can change my outlook entirely on a track, and that happened here. Each word sounded real and heartfelt, and the performance just felt believable. I connected with each and every phrase and it hits you in the chest pretty hard at points.

All in all then, a really great track. Usually, I absolutely hate listening to ballads because I suffer from immense dramatic boredom, but these guys just made ballads fun and I love that. I definitely recommend a listen, nay, multiple listens for this track!

7.5/10 – One of the better tracks we’ve heard all week no doubt.


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