Opeth ‘Harvest’ Song Review

Yeah I know this review is 15 years late but hear me out… It gives me a chance to talk about Opeth and that’s all I ask for, just this one chance! The reason why I’m reviewing this track in particular, is because Opeth have just released a music video for it kind of out of the blue, strange eh? Well not so much, this has become the norm in the music industry I guess. But anyways it’s no secret that every prog fan on Earth loves Opeth in an unhealthy way. They are almost over-preached, strange too… But still, the group is insanely talented and they do everything I want from a group in prog. They vary and shake things up, but still have a soul and some life to their music. This song is no different.

Harvest is obviously one of the groups acoustic tracks and it still resonates with me to this day. Each lyric, each chordal change and each moment, all firmly engraved in my memory. Production wise the song is pretty darn sweet too. They fade the track in which is pretty rare nowadays and it’s always fresh to hear that approach. The acoustic guitar sounds rustic and organic; I love it. The electric however, sounds even better; that solo possesses one of the most gorgeous guitar tones I’ve ever heard. The drums lack a little impact sure, but then it’s an acoustic track what do you expect.

Musicality wise this song is exciting and a real throwback to the 70’s and late 60’s. We have some wild chord progressions that stumble around the key well. We also have some random chordal changes that keep you grasped in to the development of the track. The bass line is also really good too; it’s catchy and it’s low end tone is bang on. Mikael’s vocals are a tad weak and robotic in the chorus, but then the song is a little older now and the early 2000’s weren’t a great time for mixing vocals trust me; he sounds perfectly fine in the verse by the way. That solo though, phwoar. A distinct balance of technicality and emotion; sounded like Carlos Santana had a baby with Zakk Wylde. The form is pretty exciting too, but much less progressive than their other tracks; that I don’t mind since it is an acoustic song.

All in all then I had a great time reviewing this track, it helps separate up the day when something like this comes along. Lyrically, before I forget, the track is a whole bucket of fun with mysterious phrasing and metaphorical sequences galore. I definitely recommend this one no doubt.

7/10 – It’s lovely reviewing the golden oldies isn’t it?


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