The Vamps ft. Matoma ‘All Night’ Song Review

So the award for laziest song of the week is here, and with out a doubt it goes to this pairing. Now I’ve never understood what the The Vamps are meant to be. Are they a boy band, are they an indie band, are they a pop rock group, I just don’t have a clue. But what I do know is that I find each one of their tracks utterly forgettable. They just seem to churn out song after song of average, pandering tripe if I’m honest. As for Matoma, well I don’t know who or what Matoma is, I’m just going to guess he/she is a DJ. So how would they fair together?

Well the songs a dud. It follows every single cliche and stereotype there is in modern pop music. Simple form, over repetition, copy and paste formula and simplistic electric breakdowns; it’s all there.

Production wise the song is hardly bad, but then it’s not the production I have an issue with here. The low end is covered nicely with this fairly decent bass line, the drums are wholesome and impactful, and the lead synth seems to possess a fairly unique tone. But the vocals do sound immensely robotic and pitch corrected, and the spacial synths do lack a ton of life. The production is just a little bit bland and on the safe side.

As is the rest of the track. The musicality is bland and very much on the safe side. Each beat is predictable and the track never takes any deviations. Heck, if there wasn’t any electronic breakdowns, I wouldn’t be able to tell the different between the verse and chorus. The form is weak as heck and guess what? There is NO BRIDGE. This time it’s even more obvious that they couldn’t be bothered with one! We didn’t get an attempt, we just had a really long, extended chorus. That’s what makes this song worse than it should be, that each part is fairly catchy on it’s own, but when you keep repeating them it gets real boring.

Lyrically the song is bland and cliche as heck. The sooner this ‘All Night Long’ ideology fades from music, the better. We’ve heard it a thousand times in better tracks.

All in all then, the song is pretty poor really. It’s certainly worse than the tracks we’ve already heard today, and even they weren’t great at all. Yet again The Vamps continue to confuse me, with their music transitioning largely over to electronic house tunes; make your minds up please.

3/10 – I feel like I put more effort in writing this review than they did writing the song.


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