Louisa Johnson ‘So Good’ Song Review

Going into this track it’s fair to say that I didn’t really know too much about Louisa Johnson. I know she won the UK version of the X Factor and that’s about it. I haven’t heard any of her other tracks, mostly due to the features she has and how much I dislike those acts (Clean Bandit I’m looking at you). So baring all this in mind, you could also say that I’m a clean slate. One that would be easy to impress and or easy to detest. Let’s cut the waffle and dive into the review.

Meh. The track is kind of boring, the potential is there, but the execution is a little weak. Louisa doesn’t really showcase her unique talents here either, and I found her voice slightly forgettable; shame really. I just felt that the track dragged a little, and there is too much over-reliance on the bland progression. It tries to be brooding and edgy, but it comes off just a little bit lame. All the comments on the track talk about her beauty but don’t really raise her as an artist, perhaps saying something…?

Production wise the song is pretty good, however, it does follow the SYCO stereotypes. What do I mean by that? Well all of Simon Cowell’s acts produce songs in the same way. Mostly due to using the same producer, but unfortunately it makes every track kind of sound the same. The instrumentation is far from organic and natural, and everything sounds a little generic and programmed; it pulls the life out of the track. Louisa’s voice is kept pretty much untampered, but you can tell there are some tweaks here and there as her voice often becomes rather mechanical and robotic.The drums lack deep impact, the bass lacks a lot of presence and the rest of the instrumentals sound a little safe (safe in terms of easily sell-able).

Musicality wise the song is a dud. The progression is a rehashed version of many edgy pop tracks and the textures are pretty soulless. Everything just sounds a little watery and weak. The drums follow a boring, bog standard 4/4 beat; there aren’t even any fills and there is no transitional flair on show. The vocal melody is kind of dull too really. I mean I know Louisa has a large range and is capable of a lot up and down the scales, but here she sounds utterly monotone. Everything is by the beat and predictable too, which meant that every single part lost it’s magic; nothing exciting about a predictable track.

Lyrically the song is just as dull. The phrasing lacks thought and the chorus hook is really forgettable. I didn’t believe a single word she sang and the whole song just came across as a little pointless to me, again a shame really.

Overall then I don’t really recommend this track. Everything came across as a bland; the song is just another charting electro-pop number that no one will remember by this time next year. Another cash grab by SYCO without thought.

4/10 – Substandard pop track, not too bad, but certainly not good.


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