Olly Murs ‘Back Around’ Song Review

Olly Murs is a difficult artist for me to review really. He’s such a genuine and lovely person, with a great voice too, but his songs usually suck. There’s no nice  way of putting it, but I still feel bad nonetheless. It’s not really about him as an artist, but rather his style. I hate bubblegum pop, but that’s what the majority of his tracks seem to follow under… It’s annoying but true. I didn’t like his prior single ‘Grow Up’ either; it again seemed like he was flogging a dead horse. So please let this track be good…

Well it’s an improvement, but it’s still not that great. I found the track a little boring in all honesty; mostly down to the terribly cliche lyrics. I think Olly himself, is still pretty good here; I’ve yet to hear him have a truly shoddy performance. But he needs to develop his own style and sound more like an individual artist, because at the moment he comes across as just another X-Factor clone. Kind of funny how the two tracks I’ve reviewed today thus far, are both from the realms of Simon Cowell; the sooner SYCO goes bust, the better.

Production wise the song is largely generic. Programmed beats and synths that are a little plain and lack a ton of tone. Each element sounds the same as the next, and there is no variation in the timbres. The guitar, to me, is the only shining light here as I felt it was the only thing that kept it’s organic sound; even then it was slapped with way too many effects. Olly’s voice here sounds very robotic and tampered with, but luckily it didn’t bother me too much.

Musicality wise the song lacked a lot of spice. From section to section, I found myself a little bored and a little distracted. The progressions never change, the dynamics are predictable and I found the chorus very dull. The hook lacks any power or oomph, so it left the track feeling downright forgettable. I liked how he tried to incorporate a decent bridge into the track, but by that point it was too little too late. I’m sorry for my lack of terminology and adjectives, but all I can really describe about this track is it’s boring-ness… Tough break…

Lyrically the song is real cheesy and real cliche. No substance or weight to any lyrics, and they are all phrases we’ve heard before anyway. I think Olly’s delivery of the lyrics is okay, functional at best, but even then I found his vocal melodies very much monotone.

Overall then the track isn’t one I’m going to remember by this time next week. We are two in a row for that statement… Gosh I hope things pick up…

4/10 – Again, just another substandard pop track.


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