Papa Roach ‘Crooked Teeth’ Song Review

Let’s have a look at the terrible comebacks we’ve had thus far this year. Well we’ve got, Bon Jovi, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Blink 182… Notice that three of them are early 2000’s pop punk/stateside rock? Well let’s hope to God that Papa Roach doesn’t become the fourth one on that list…

Although there are a lot of flaws on this track, the song is genuinely quite good. Much, much better than the aforementioned groups attempts at their own comeback. Sure there are shaky sections and the song get’s a little disjointed around the middle mark, but the song at least tries to be different. You have that aggressive sound which Papa Roach are known for, a newer punk sound incorporated into the second verse, and even a (light) breakdown during the climax; I’m impressed! Heck they even threw in some RATM type guitar melodies in there, really didn’t expect that did ya!

Production wise the song is okay, not their best, but okay. The weird little electronic phrase somewhere in the middle section broke the mix up a lot and sounded terrible, but luckily that was cleared pretty quickly. The drums are impactful, the vocals keep that natural tenacity Papa Roach have practically trademarked, and the bass covers the low end well. The guitars however do sound a little thin from section to section and it did take me out of the track a little bit; it needed a touch more oomph and a little more wholesomeness.

Musicality wise I’m really impressed with the group. They went truly balls to the walls with this track, throwing everything at us. They tried everything I didn’t expect to hear; the punk bit in particular I thought was a masterstroke. They know that they can’t match up to the technicality of modern rock, they know they can’t match the gruffness of modern beatdown music, so instead they play themselves around each problem with intelligent songwriting. The vocal performance is a little one dimensional but definitely recognisable.

Lyrically the song is mighty cheesy and more of the same by Papa Roach. But I never found the song eye-wincing or cringy; functional lyrics rather than good or bad ones.

Overall then I think this track is definitely worth a listen. Sure there are a lot of flaws, but there is a lot of good stuff going on too. I hope they progress from this track or at the very least, keep up this consistency; I hope the rest of the new album is this good…

7/10 – Best track I’ve heard all day with a whole ton of potential.


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