Bullet For My Valentine ‘Raising Hell’ Song Review

So this track was actually released over a year ago now and the only reason we are reviewing it is because the music video has been re-uploaded it. As you may or may not know, depending on how closely you follow the site, we actually have a review for BFMV’s album Venom here on the site. However, that was posted by a guest contributor, so for the editing team here, we still see BFMV as a fairly fresh group. Other than their goliath hits, we don’t really know how the group is or what they’ve been like the last few years. So you could say, I went into this track fairly fresh… What did I think? You’re about to find out…

Ah it’s a difficult one. The whole track seemed like a direct impersonation of Avenged Sevenfold, and not a very good one. I remember BFMV being a little more aggressive than this; a little darker too. But this, this just didn’t hit me at all. It sounded like a power metal cover rather than an original metalcore track. There are positives don’t get wrong, but the songs flaws seem to swamp my opinion here.

The production is the first of my worries. This song sounded really cheap and nasty; they really need to update their production. Metal now had deeper, more wholesome drums and a genuinely thicker low end. Here the whole track sounded a little thin and on the skimpy side. The vocals sound the worst though by a country mile. In the verses, you can barely hear Matt’s voice at all; he fades into the accompaniment and just loses all presence in the mix. The backing vocals also sounded somewhat hilarious; did make me chuckle at certain times.

Musicality wise the song isn’t too great either. Other than the decent riff and the great guitar solo, everything else sounds pretty copy and paste. The drummer has to be more imaginative in the modern metal climate in order to keep up with what is going on at the moment. His fills and transitions are so weak and forgettable that I felt distracted from the drums altogether when they should be one of the vocal points. The vocal performance is a little weak too, sounding a touch monotone and a bit limp in all honesty; maybe Matt has lost some power in his voice who knows…

Lyrically the song is mighty cheesy and cliche, the whole ‘Raising Hell’ hook sounded exactly like every other one of their hooks. Again more imagination is needed to vary their sound so that they aren’t a one beat group; they will fade into obscurity otherwise.

Overall then, the song breaks our good form this month, what a shame. I just don’t see enough in this track to really recommend it for a listen; it’s just a little bland. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for the group.

4/10 – A substandard metalcore track, nothing to listen to here.


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