Hippo Campus ‘boyish’ Song Review

What a great name for a band eh? Really helps when varying content to have a group with a name that really sticks out up on your site. As you can probably tell, Hippo Campus is an indie group (what is it with these indie names people). This indie group has released a new song called ‘boyish’, and I guess that’s why you’re here… Anyways let’s cut the waffle and dive into this review…

This track is okay, not amazing, just okay. The flaws here sort of balance out the positive vibes leaving me feeling a little meh over the whole project. It sounded quite generic and plain in the end, yet it had a whole ton of potential; the track still makes me want to listen to more of their music which is always an upside.

Production wise the song follows your usual indie beats. The hi-hats are the vocal point of the drums, the guitar tones are slightly overdriven and the bass fills the majority of the low end. However, I’m beginning to get a little bored now with this approach. Indie groups have to mix their snare and kick drum loud otherwise their song just lacks a strong pulse; this thing dragged rather than developed. With no interesting fills or transitions, you get a little bored as each section flows into another; I need more in order to distinguish one part from another. The vocals here are left somewhat organic but lack a personality due to how quiet they are in the mix/how roomy they are.

The musicality of the song is indie at it’s most recognisable. Frenetic strumming of the same chord, instrumental harmonies, tonnes of hi-hat work and a vocal melody that sounds strangely similar. It did feel a bit ripped off from Foster The People’s sound but then I could say that about hundreds of indie acts. The song is vibrant and uplifting, but it does get progressively boring as sections don’t change. Also… THERE IS NO BRIDGE… Why do acts keep refusing to put bridges into their tracks! They are necessary for that final chorus climax so why reject them! Ugh some imagination would of been well suited here.

Lyrically the song is pretty good. Indie is known for it’s creative lyrical patterns and phrasing so I’m happy here. I mean it’s now Swim Deep levels of good, nor is it Fish Tank levels of quirky, but there are good phrases in here that are delivered fairly well.

Overall then I don’t really recommend that just anybody listens to this track, I think you’d have to be a fan of the style first. It doesn’t have enough to draw in the casual listener, but it does have just enough to be worth a listen for the crowd it’s very clearly aimed at.

5/10 – You standard indie copy and paste track.


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