Music News: Billie Joe Armstrong on Trump… Oh no…

Yeah you heard that right, Green Day are now talking politics, pretty punk right? It seems that every artist has had their say on Trump this campaign election and I don’t blame them. Heck it’s good for business overseas… Being a British bloke in his teens, the whole Trump thing makes me chuckle then sweat profusely. Personally I don’t like either candidate, so I’m pretty impartial. Billie Joe Armstrong on the hand really doesn’t like Trump, who would of thought eh.

In an interview with NME he blamed the rise of Donald Trump on “uneducated white working-class people”. He even compared Trump to Hitler in the controversial interview; talk about risky political talk. Billie also added, “That’s the problem right there. There’s this white nationalism that’s been brewing under the radar for a long time. But now Trump’s been able to cause people to lash out and blame minorities and it’s really confusing. I mean, blatant misogyny going on at the same time.”

Now for as much as I don’t care about American politics, I have to say that this is a little narrow minded. There has been an outstanding amount of violence on both sides towards each others supporters; the whole free speech thing has become a bit of a laughing stock. If Billie concentrated more on music rather than obvious political statements, then maybe ‘Revolution Radio’ would of actually been worth listening to. Just saying…



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