You Me At Six ‘Give’ Song Review

The last You Me At Six single genuinely made me want to stop listening to the group. I thought they were dead and buried, and I felt the direction of the group was headed south; I was really disappointed. Looking at comments and messages about the track, a ton of fans seem to really agree with me too; the collected response seemed to be that the group had lost their mojo. Now they’ve never been boundary breaking or absolutely brand new, but they’ve certainly never been bad, heck they were one of the catchier groups I listened to when growing up. So please, please, please say that this track is a little better…

This song is really, really good! What a surprise! I want to hear more almost immediately! Obviously this is the sound that You Me At Six are looking for, it all makes sense now. Sometimes it takes a few bum tracks to find where you are going, and think this clarifies things up a little. Obviously they are trying to develop away from their pop rock group past, and are now going for this alt rock sound. The big differences between this track and their last, lie around the vocals and the guitar harmonies.

Production wise everything sounded real crisp here. The guitars had a great tone, the vocals sounded organic and raw, and the drums had a whole ton of impact. Even the backing synths filled the gaps in the stereo field really well; I can’t really fault the production. Definitely one of the better produced tracks in the last month or so; good stuff!

Musicality wise the song is simplistic, but it’s sincere. Each note is played precisely when it needs to be and there isn’t too much self indulgence in here. The guitars add these sweet little intricate harmonies that really layer the track beautifully; the texture is ever so vibrant. The drums could do with some work on transitions with some better fills, but for the most part the sequences were at least functional. The vocals is what I will be remembering though. This is the best I’ve heard Josh’s voice since ‘Bite My Tongue’. He sounds powerful, aggressive and passionate; something I would of never expected out of him.

Lyrically the song is pretty good too. I mean if you look at it on paper, it does seem a touch cheesy, but the way they are delivered over this huge mix, sounds great. It was really refreshing to hear a singer really surprise me and venture out of his comfort zone.

Overall then this track is a whole deal of fun. I have to recommend it no doubt about it. It also continues the run of great tracks this November; things just seem to be getting better and better.

8/10 – A really powerful and memorable rock piece.


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