Bullet For My Valentine ‘Don’t Need You’ Song Review

How unusual that we reviewed one of BFMV’s tracks yesterday, not knowing that a new one would drop the next day. What timing huh! Regardless, we are here to review all brand new music, so whether we are tired of a group or not, we must soldier on to review this track. If you’ve read the last review, then you already know how I feel about BFMV. I really hope they kick this trend soon, otherwise I’m going to stop listening to them full stop. Please let this track be good…

To me, this is even worse than the last track we reviewed! It’s so dull and predictable, it’s so outdated and boring, there is no life to the track at all. It’s a step back from Venom, which in itself, was a huge step back for the group in general. They have to vary their sound up a little bit and for the love of God, sort out these bloody cheesy lyrics! They’re a mess! The whole song felt so put on and cliche and boring; I know I keep re-using the same words but it just is!

Production wise the song is at least better than Venom. The guitars have a thicker distortion placed over the top and the bass drives the low end more thoroughly. Heck even the kit sounded better with a blissfully deep kick sound and wholesome set of toms too. Vocally the track wasn’t swamped thankfully so we can actually hear Matt’s voice this time round which is always an improvement.

Musicality wise is where this song falls down though. Where are the riffs, the big fills, the glitzy transitions, the guitar solo’s, the track just offers nothing! The frenetic strumming is only exciting for so long and by the first chorus I felt done with it. I knew where the track was going to go, I knew all the deviations before I heard them and nothing really came out and grabbed me back in to listening. I felt distracted the whole time and this just offers nothing unique in it’s genre. For years now BFMV have been on the decline both commercially and musically, this is no exception. I just don’t see what’s so different or new here, it’s all just safe and pandering!

Lyrically the song is awful, it just is. I don’t need to go into detail, just look up the lyrics and you can see for yourself.

This track is a much easier decision that the last two I’ve reviewed on the site because for me it’s a resounding dud that only furthers my attention away from the group. I definitely do not recommend this track.


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