Cold Summer ‘Car Crash (In Progress) Song Review

These guys came across as the more refined and independent version of Enter Shikari. What d I mean by that? Well they balance a heck of a lot of styles almost seemlessly. Going into this track I didn’t really know an awful lot about Cold Summer, but now, I just want to hear more no doubt. I’ve re-listened to it now like what, 4 times in one morning and yet I’m still not bored of it. In the most colloquial way possible, this track kicks ass. It’s aggressive yet melodic, it’s punky yet intricate, it’s progressive yet cohesive, it has everything you’d want from this type of track.

Production wise the song is actually pretty solid for an independent track. Usually drums and vocals are the telling of a good recording, and here I think justice has been done. The guitars sound a touch thin, but the distorted tone cuts through nicely, filling the high end with its glorious grit. The bass covers the low end equally well, sounding wholesome and beefy in my subwoofer; the bass tone here is actually very nice. The vocals also cut through the mix well, allowing for the dynamics of his voice to really be put on show; both the rough stuff and the clean stuff sounded marvellous. The drums also sound pretty sweet in the mix with a real impact of each part of the kit. Personally I would of liked a bassier kick drum, something a bit more metallic but that’s my personal preference for every group.

Musicality wise is where this group really shines. The song screams intelligence as the entire is so well phrased; surprising to me actually. The form is almost progressive as we have a two part bridge that really builds things for that final chorus; this is how you use a bridge properly. The riff is catchy and somewhat quirky too; it’s bolstered by a descending bass line that sounds great in unison. The drum fills and transitions are great too, they help differentiate parts well and they give section momentum. Vocally this song is spot on, one of the best post hardcore performances I’ve heard all year. The guy has an unbelievably flexible voice that can go from soft as a daisy, to Code Orange scream your face off; that’s what I like to hear. The guitar solo towards the end was also a surprise, I hope these guys keep using tricks like that to differentiate their style. There is a lot on the market right now in this genre, but if they can keep using individualised tropes like quirky riffs, guitar solos and progressive sections, then they will definitely stand out from the crowd like they did this time round.

Lyrically the song is believable and aggressive. I don’t know whether that’s down to the delivery or the words on paper, but the track just genuinely rings out well with very memorable lyrical moments. The hook in particular is mighty catchy and I’ve been humming it all morning.

Overall then this track is a whole ton of fun. For any rock or hardcore fan, you have to check these guys out; I can see them being the next big thing quite easily, I’d say they are just about to take off.

G Rating: 7/10 – After a week where rock music has sort of faded into the background, these guys have pulled it back again and put it on the pedestal it deserves to be upon.

I Rating: 8.5/10 – Incredibly adventurous, delightfully different, and awesomely aggressive, one of the best tracks of November so far.


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