Lukas Graham ‘You’re Not There’ Song Review

When Lukas Graham exploded on the scene, it felt like a breath of fresh air had been blown into the charts. ‘7 Years’ is one of the best ballads I’ve heard in a decade, it’s one of those instant classics that everyone has heard. The lyrics are sincere, the performance is fantastic and it just had everything going for it in it’s situation. However, I’ve found Lukas incredibly disappointing since that last hit. Each song he’s released has lacked heart and soul, and I just don’t believe anything he sings. Not just that, the musicality of each song has been pretty dire too; none of these newer tracks have been very well arranged, in fact they’ve been more slopped together than arranged. So going into this track I wasn’t asking for much, just a simple, hearty track which could get me back on board… So how did it go…?

Well this is more of the same for me. I think it’s a slightly better track than the last two or three singles, but it’s still mighty forgettable. The flaws kind of outweigh the positives here too and it’s left me feeling a little sour about the whole project. It’s always annoying as reviewer when an artist doesn’t capitalise on their potential; each ‘next big thing’ carries a degree of expectation, and when that isn’t fulfilled then you can’t help but fall out of love with the act. After hearing this track, I don’t really have any propulsion’s to listen to the rest of his new work, in fact, I kind of want to steer clear.

The production on this track though is really good. There isn’t any doubt that the producer here knows what he’s doing. The drums sound deep and wholesome, the choir -like synths add some really interesting dimensions to the track, and the vocals sound crisp and clear. No single aspect swamps the mix and instead we get a really well mastered track both individually and as a finished product.

It’s the musicality, like many Lukas Graham tracks, that lets down the whole thing. The form is predictable and weak, not just that, but it has NO BRIDGE. WHEN WILL POP ACTS LISTEN, BRIDGES ARE THE BEST PART DON’T GET RID OF THEM… Sorry I don’t know what came over me… The progressions are bland and stagnant, the drum beat is dull and repetitive and the vocal performance is surprising weak here. It’s just really underwhelming.

Lyrically the song is really cheesy and cliche too, not nearly as good as Lukas’ other efforts. The self titled hook sounds really forced too and not catchy in the slightest; it even made me wince at times.

Overall then I don’t really recommend this track in anyway. I mean you might like it as a personal fan of his but for the casual listener I don’t see anything that’s worth warranting a listen.

3/10 – Lifeless and dull, such a shame.


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