Nick Jonas ‘Champagne Problems’ Song Review

Nick Jonas is one of those artists that remain hit or miss, no matter how they develop. I mean, I loved Nick Jonas’s comeback record, he blew up and for good reason. It was catchy, it was released at the right time and it allowed for some funkiness to be brought back into the charts during a period in which the charts were dominated by ballads. However, those around him quickly jumped on the bandwagon and started doing their own versions with this quirky sub bass and extreme falsetto’s. That’s when he started to drop off for me, his act began to fade into the crowd. Now I find his music quite boring to listen to, and everything he’s released thus far this year I really haven’t liked. He needs to change things up again, this whole approach to writing music is sounding stale already; clearly it’s a temporary music style. But what about this track? Did it change my thoughts and feelings?

Well unfortunately not, I still feel the same about Nick here. The song is quite bland in all honesty, but I will say it is a huge improvement in comparison to Voodoo. The hook is slightly stronger and the accompaniment is slightly catchier… But that doesn’t mean the song is that good, because unfortunately it just isn’t. I found Nick to be the catalyst for that too, as it was him that I didn’t connect with. I think if you slapped a Bruno Mars on this mix I think you’d see something more creative and varied, but here Nick just follows his same old tropes and I’m bored of it now.

Production wise the song, for the most part, is pretty darn solid. I can’t sit here and say that all the money is wasted because the pieces sound so clear individually. However, there is a but, a big but ((pardon the pun), and that’s the over production of Nick’s voice. He barely sounded human here with the amount of post production that has been layered over his vocals. All his natural tone has been ripped out and instead we hear this almost robotic type generated voice hitting all sorts of strange notes; all the diction left from his words too.

Musicality wise, I’ll say it again, this is a huge improvement on his prior single, but it just doesn’t hit that hard to me. The bass sounds deep and the sequence is quirky sure, but it’s not exciting enough to warrant me re-listening. The other synths are pretty lifeless as they possess no interesting timbres or tones. But, like I said before, the accompaniment is catchy and functional enough that a great singer could work with this and make it a hit. But here we just got flooded with this over reliance on falsetto; Nick is throwing his notes all over the place and it makes the hook sound disjointed. He needs some more cohesion on his vocal melodies; I’m not asking him to be monotone, but rather to strip it back so that it’s at least hummable.

Lyrically the song is just as bad as the last track and it really didn’t do anything for me. It’s cliche and cheesy and not in the fun way, it’s a little forgettable really. When you pair that with the sloppy vocal delivery, you get a vocal layer that is pretty darn wasted.

Overall then I can’t say I recommend this track. It’s a big improvement on his last outing, but it doesn’t have enough going for it for me to listen to it past today, in fact, I probably will of forgotten the song by tomorrow anyway.

4/10 – There are much better tracks this November for you to listen to, so I’d avoid this one.


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