Sigma ft. Birdy ‘Find Me’ Song Review

Now I’m already conflicted when going into this track by just looking at the artists who have made it. When Sigma burst on the scene I thought they were really fresh in the DJ-ing world. They brought drum and bass to the charts when the popularity of the genre was growing and they created some incredibly catchy remixes. However, the last two years or so I have found myself bored listening to their music because, and this is the same for many drum and bass tracks, each song kind of sounds the same. I can’t really put it any other way, they just make tracks that are a little too predictable. I like DJ’s to catch me off guard with their drops and beats, but these kind of use the same approach just in a different key each time; I’m past Sigma now. Birdy on the other hand, I feel the exact same about, just in a more poppy frame of mind. She brought meticulously crafted piano-based ballads to the charts during a time when they were at their most popular; she was killing it at one point. However, she decided to go down this bland beat-pop/electro-pop route and it just sounded so plain. Her voice isn’t powerful enough nor does it obtain a unique enough tone to carry a track like that on her own. I’m only further backed up here by her waning record sales and her ever fading image in the charts scene. So you could say, that these two have either hit each other at the wrong time, or the right dependent on how optimistic you are. Shall we see how they got on?

Well unfortunately, this track does everything I didn’t want to hear. Yet again it’s another bland, beat-pop track that no one will remember by next week. I know The Chainsmokers are killing it in this genre right now, and I can’t see these two knocking them off the top spot with this outing. The beat is boring, the vocal hook is boring, the breakdown is boring, nothing screams creativity to me here. I just found myself distracted as it played through it’s runtime with not a single significant moment that made me stop what I was doing and listen.

Production wise the song is actually very strong, as they usually are when you have two top DJ’s mixing them. I the beat sounds wholesome and covers the low end well, the synths seem to have a little life and personality to them, and Birdy’s voice has been left largely natural and organic; I couldn’t really ask for too much more from the producers on this track.

It’s the musicality where the song just falls down, I really didn’t find anything about interesting. The piano progressions are plain and uninspiring, Birdy’s vocal melodies are largely monotone and dull, and the form of the track made the whole song utterly predictable by the first chorus. A cheeky bridge or a key change would of brought a wealth of possibility to this song to separate it from the crowd, but unfortunately everything was left way too safe. It came across as copy and paste, and a little darn boring, annoying, very annoying.

Lyrically the song is cliche and cheesy and not really worth talking about in slightest. When you pair that up with Birdy’s lack of flair and strength in her delivery; you just get a layer that fills ground rather than adds to the track.

Overall then this track isn’t something I will be listening to past today. Unfortunately it’s another commercialised, bang for buck, rushed out beat-pop song that really carries no character or individuality.

3/10 – I feel a little harsh giving this rating as there aren’t any glaring problems, but when a track is so safe that you can’t even concentrate on it, that’s when you kno it’s not worth your time.


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