The Brinks ‘Self-Titled’ EP Review

String Buzz and Music Season (it’s father site), has been around for a little while now and we’ve reviewed over 100 independent tracks and EP’s and interviews over 50 independent artists, yet we’ve never had a blues rock group… What the heck! But finally, after my days of wishing and wishing, we have managed to land an independent review of a blues rock group. To me rock has become too concentrated on the technical side and there isn’t enough emotion. With a re-injection of blues however, then that could kickstart the more memorable stuff. All the best metal and rock groups down the years have utilised blues almost wholeheartedly. So going into this track, I was so excited to hear what The Brinks could offer in comparison to the competition… Shall we see how they got on?

I had a blast listening to this EP and it threw me straight back to my childhood, listening to my dad’s classic rock collection. I felt some strong Zeppelin vibes, some Bad Company tropes and even some Quireboys-esque touches. All high praise indeed. It proves what you can do with a simple chord progression, a great hook and a kickass guitar solo. For an independent group to release an EP of this quality is almost astonishing. I expected rough mixing and direct rip offs but I got none of that; I got exactly what I wanted from the EP.

Production wise, as I hinted, the whole EP sounds great. From the crisply mixed vocals, to the fantastic guitar tone; the whole thing sounded sweet through big speakers. You can tell whether a recording has been properly done by the way the vocals and drums have been mixed in response, here both parts are pretty spot on. The drums have a wholesome sounding kick, a cutting snare and the cymbals sound great covering the high end. The bass also has a great tone, in fact, one of the best tones I’ve heard thus far this month. Even the wah effect put on the guitar during the solo sounding really solid and it added a lot to specific sections.

Musicality wise each song is different to the next. I loved how they tried to vary each track up in style in comparison to one and other; it left the EP feeling diverse and exciting, never predictable. I have to say though, ‘Time Lord’ is an absolute anthem! It reminded me of Dorje and how they really hit your gut with their riffs and progressions. The bass in this track sounded gorgeous and it had me tapping my hand to each beat of the drum. The hook is also catchy as heck too with brilliantly recorded gang vocals.Other than a few slightly sloppy transitions, each track flowed seemlessly from section to section; the extended form of each song worked so brilliantly. With each track being around the 5 minute mark, you also get bang for your buck. The solo’s sound great, the bass is well executed, the vocals are well phrased and the whole EP just sounds well arranged.

Lyrically each song is hardly poetry but it’s catchy and believable. Each sequence is delivered very well by the vocalist and it’s hard to really point out any flaws here.

Overall then the EP is a delight to listen to. I will be recommending this to anyone looking to rekindle their love of old-school rock; these guys are bringing it back!

G Rating: 7/10 – Really fun EP that capitalises upon a dwindling market, so refreshing!

I Rating: 8/10 – One of the biggest surprises of the month so far.


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