Bas ‘Clouds Never Get Old’ Song Review

I haven’t actually even heard of Bas before, so to say that I’m going into this one fresh would be an understatement in itself. I think rap music in general hasn’t had the greatest of times this year and the last two months have sort of proved that. I’d say my favourite rap track of the last 6 months or so, is actually Kid Cudi’s ‘Surfin’ which is kind of saying something really. But that might be because I’m looking the wrong places, this time I looked up something slightly more obscure; outside of the mainstream. That’s when I saw this new track pop up. So shall we see what I thought of it?

Well the track is pretty good, far from amazing, but definitely a solid composition. Firstly, before I even dive into it specifically, I’d like to say that this is definitely the best rap track we’ve had thus far this November, I know that isn’t much of a compliment but at least it’s something. There are a lot of aspects which I liked and some I didn’t think much of, but all in all it was a decent time to listen to. The track also makes me want to listen to more by Bas which is always good; when an artist can do that with a single track, then you know that the track isn’t that bad.

Production wise I think the song is pretty good; I’ve definitely heard worse this month. I think Bas’s voice sounds great in the mix, I think the little autotune hook sounded better than expected and the flaws here are very minimal in general. I’m not a big fan of the trap beat, mostly because I think the hi-hats are always awful in trap songs. I think Tyler The Creator and Kendrick Lamar proved that you don’t need a big trap beat to carry a song, but instead you just need to intelligently mix a regular beat. That’s just my subjective preference though.

Musicality wise the song does drag on a little bit and by the final chorus it did lose a lot of impact, but I still had fun with the verses in particular. I know I often bang on about cohesion and consistency within a track, but I actually really liked the stop and start style of the verses. It left you hanging on for the next word and it helped vary up the beat a little bit. The backing vocals which sang homophonically against Bas’s voice also sounded great; it proves how effective dual melodies can be. The synths lacked a little bit of life and an interesting timbre, but it did fill the mix well with this atmospheric type feel; the synths aren’t remarkable but they definitely add to the track.

Lyrically the song is pretty good too. There are some catchy phrases and some clever instances of word play. Clearly Bas is part of the higher bracket of rappers who don’t rap about the same thing constantly; it’s nice to see one go in a different direction.

All in all then this song is probably worth a listen if you’re a genre fan. I don’t recommend this one for anyone getting into rap or for anyone who’s a general music listener, but I do think rap fans and Bas fans will enjoy this one.

6/10 – An above average rap/trap track.


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