Possum ‘Wake Up Kid’ EP Review

Another day, another brand new independent EP review! This time around we’ve got Possum’s latest effort ‘Wake Up Kid’. Now I know we are a little late to the party when reviewing this EP, but we actually only just caught wind of it. So hopefully this review is worth the wait for everyone involved. Shall we see how the group got on then?

What a refreshing record! Yesterday I skimmed through a whole ton of brand new signed music (20 – 30 tracks worth of the stuff), and  I just felt so tired and let down by the end. But this EP has rejuvenated my love for doing this schpick in less than thirty minutes. This group screams individuality and passion; I loved it! It’s like if you took the members of Modern Baseball and asked them to have a fun time with the members of CHON; you get this beautiful math, punk, emo baby called Possum. Each song is so vibrant yet aggressive; it’s a real balance of emotions as you trek through the listing.

We will start with the production as that’s always worth commenting on. For an independent EP this whole thing is remarkably solid. The guitar has a great tone, the bass has this really sweet driving tone and the drums sounded pretty wholesome too; much better than your average unsigned group. However, I would like to hear the vocals mixed slightly further forward into the foreground as I often felt they slipped into the accompaniment every now and then. Also a deeper kick is always nice, but then that’s my proggy past coming in suggesting that. All in all, the producer has done a solid job with this EP.

Musicality however, is where the EP really shines. It’s just so inventive and creative; it makes me want to listen to more by the group almost immediately. I loved how they blended post hardcore with indie whilst sprinkling on a little prog and dusting it off with some sweet grunge. If that statement doesn’t explain to you how flexible this group is, I don’t know what will. Each track felt relevant to the track listing and I didn’t feel for a moment that I was listening to filler. ‘Alright’ in particular has to be my favourite track as I think the group really honed in on what makes them so great during it’s runtime. You have intricate, yet catchy instrumental melodies, you have a simplistic but pulsating drum beat that progresses as the track develops, you have a bass line that fills the low end gorgeously as the tracks atmosphere is set; instrumentally the track is really something o sit down and sink into. The vocals are also ever so flexible, bouncing from soft, sincere moments to tenacious, aggressive screams; I got some real Fish Tank vibes here. However, tracks like ‘Six Hours is Enough’ and ‘Nothing Moments’ also capitalise on what the group does best. Catchy melodies, creative vocal sequences and forms that make the tracks unpredictably glorious. It’s ballsy, but they executed it professionally.

Lyrically each song is really fun too! I had a great deal of pleasure hearing these different experiences and themes fleshed out across the track listing. Each song felt individual and I found it all so believable; I definitely connected with the EP which is what I didn’t expect at all.

All in all then, the EP is definitely worth a listen. In fact a couple or even a load of listens. I’m excited to hear what the group does next, I know they have another EP coming out in the near future and boy oh boy will I be there first waiting to review it.

G Rating: 7/10 – Refreshingly different, a really fun time.

I Rating: 8/10 – A killer EP that deserves so much more credit.


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