Half Decent Interview (09/11/2016)

No that title isn’t meant to be mean to the act, it’s just the acts name! In the past few weeks we’ve had some great folks feature here on the site. As the site begins to grow, so are those around us, and it’s been a pleasure watching acts progress to the next stage. However, that doesn’t mean our work here is done, no quite the opposite in fact! We were lucky enough to land an interview with the incredibly talented producer/DJ/rapper Half Decent! I can’t honestly sing this guys praises loud enough, you just have to listen to his music to understand! Being a producer myself, I always get excited when an act like this appears on the site because it harkens back to my past; you’re gonna have great fun with this interview! So let’s cut the chit chat and present to you our interview with Half Decent!

Q. For our audience here on String Buzz, can you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your musical forte?

A. I’m a rapper/ producer who was born and raised in Oxford. I produce a wide variety of genres from Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rock, Pop, Trap.. Even Reggae. I’ve had a total of 8 releases and supported established acts like Chase & Status, Example, DJ Format and Hot Chip to name a few. I’m not afraid to rap on any style of music and pride myself on being able to perform an upbeat and energetic live show. My rap style can sometimes be fast and lyrically I always try to say something with my words.

 Q. Who would you cite as your influences and do you feel they effect your sound?

A. My influences are quite varied. Prince, The Doors, The Blues Brothers, Tech N9ne and Major Lazer. They have all effected my sound by giving me the realisation that nothing musically is off limits and to write about what I know and care about.

 Q. Do you have any upcoming plans in the near future? Any projects or anything along those lines?

A. I have just released a brand new double single ‘Still Getting Mine/ By My Side’ that is out on all digital and streaming services. I’m currently booking various shows for 2017 and have some video and single release scheduled for early next year. This is all leading up to my next EP release in mid 2017.

 Q. What has been your favourite project to work on thus far? Any albums or EP’s you particularly liked working on?

A. My latest mixtape release ‘Love Is Dead’ is definitely the most honest thing i have ever done and definitely shows my abilities as a rapper. However my EP ‘This Is The Music’ shows my wider palette as a producer and lyricist.

 Q. What’s your favorite part of the songwriting and or recording process?

A. Being able to express myself, I find music the best creative release. It’s also very satisfying hearing a song when it is complete because you started with nothing.

 Q. How would you describe the music scene in Oxford?

A. Oxford has always had a great thriving music scene. Places like Truck Store, The Bullingdon and The Jericho Tavern always have plenty of great music on offer. The scene also has talented musicians in so many different genres it appears to have something for everyone.

 Q. What’s the hardest part about being a rapper/producer/DJ?

A. Learning to juggle haha, Writing, producing and performing all of your own stuff means that sometimes you don’t get time to do everything you really want to. I have not DJ’d in a couple of months now but have created a lot of new songs. So finding an even balance is sometimes hard but being able to do any of it is enjoyable.

 Q. What as the last track you listened to and would you recommend it?

A. ‘Casisdead – Before This’ I’ve been a fan of Casisdead for a while and he’s quite unknown at the moment but this track is something I would recommend to everyone.

So there you have it! It was an absolute pleasure having Half Decent here on the site and the guy is professional as heck! I’m excited to see what the future holds for this act and don’t be surprised if you see A star reviews for this guy coming out next year. Go send your love over to his social media pages; the guy deserves it!


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