Imagine Dragons ‘Shots’ Song Review

It’s no secret that I’ve had my troubles listening to Imagine Dragons in the past. I’ve always found them incredibly bland and uninteresting. Other than one or two singles a couple of years ago, I haven’t really like a track they’ve produced in a while now. I hated the new song they did with Peter Gabriel despite being a huge fan of Peter; that’s saying something. When they said they were going for weird with this new album, I thought ‘finally the group are gonna try something different’, but no they went down the electro pop route, a route which is already full of bland traffic anyway. However, I put my biased behaviour aside and went into this song positively; shall we see how that went?

Well personally I quite liked this song, I mean I’m not going to be listening to it in a couple of weeks time, but on the surface the track is pretty good. It’s mounds better than their last few outings and I think the group caught onto a decent sound here. It’s vibrant, it’s different and it’s actually fairly exciting; three adjectives I didn’t expect to use when talking about Imagine Dragons.

Production wise the song is pretty good, not great, but definitely functional. The guitars have a sweet clean tone, the drums cover the low end pulse well and the house-like bass works well here. I do think the vocals sound a little too spacious and a little too cloudy but then that might be just my speakers. I think the track perhaps could of done with joining the layers together a little better but then that’s just my subjective personal preference.

The musicality of the song is pretty good, again much better than their last few outings. It’s great to hear some more intelligent harmonies and phrasing. However, there isn’t a bridge. Why does that matter? Well the song has no final impact so I lost a ton of satisfaction almost instantaneously. If Imagine Dragons could utilise song form a little better then they could create some really powerful tracks, but they don’t and hence I feel nothing when their songs are done; it took the wind out of the song in my opinion. I liked the chorus hook, I thought the vocal melodies in general were pretty good. I liked the catchy guitar progression too; it sounded like British indie music in some parts. The drums lack a little inspiration but I guess I can get along with the tom type shuffle.

Lyrically the song is okay, again not amazing, but okay. There are definitely memorable phrases in here and little catchy sequences, but all in all the lyrics hardly inspired me or got me thinking about very much.

All in all then the song is pretty good. Much better than I expected and this is the type of Imagine Dragons that I want to hear. No more of this bland alternate type stuff or out and out electro pop stuff, make an individual name for yourself that makes you memorable in a decades time. They stumbled across that sound once or twice, they just need to hold onto it.

6/10 – An above average track from a below average band.


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