Jonas Blue ft. Raye ‘By Your Side’ Song Review

Jonas Blue is responsible for one of the worst remixes/covers of all time. If you don’t know what track I’m talking about, it’s Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’, a track which you just don’t remix due to paying respects to the original source material. He ruined and changed the face of probably the best acoustic ballad of all time to the extent that the song has lost all meaning, he should be ashamed of that laziness. Anyways we aren’t here to talk about that track, we are here to talk about his new song ‘By Your Side’, shall we see how he got on?

Well unfortunately it’s another dud. It’s bland, it’s stagnant and it sounds the same as his last few tracks, just in a different key. He’s one of the least inspiring DJ’s and yet again that has been proven here. Also Raye is pretty functional on this song; there isn’t any shine of gloss from her either. This track is destined to follow the footsteps of other house tracks this year, into the dustbin that we call forgettable music.

Production wise the song is fine, but it should be since it’s hardly difficult to muck up a house track. The beat is wholesome and deep, the vocals sound pretty crisp and the song has clearly been mastered competently. The synths however possess no life or individuality and just sound bland as they repeat and repeat. Shoddy tone and forgettable timbre.

Musicality is where this thing falls down. The track just has no musicality. Each section sounds the same as the last just with different dynamics. Each progression is uninspired and every beat is predictable; the song is a play by play house track with nothing new added whatsoever. Raye’s vocal melodies are dull and totally unoriginal; this song doesn’t make me want to go out and listen to more music by her. The form of the track is terrible too with NO BRIDGE being used to progress the climax. The transitions are dull and there isn’t much in the way of decoration.

Lyrically the song is waste of time even to talk about.

I’m going to cut off the track review here as I’d just be repeating the words boring and stale over and over again. There is nothing here outside of a decent mix that’s worth listening to. Jonas Blue yet again proves how he’s completely dull DJ and I doubt I’ll ever review one of his tracks again.

3/10 – The only thing saving this track from a lower score, is how he’s actually produced worse tracks than this.


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