Music News: What did the music world think of the election?

The music industry has been incredibly vocal during this election period. With acts releasing slanderous tracks towards their least favourite candidates every week, the whole ‘politically driven’ song thing has made a pretty large comeback. You can’t surf NME or the BBC without seeing tens and hundreds of different acts giving their two pence about the election.

The infamous Bestival organiser Rob Da Bank tweeted earlier today, statin,: “How can America go from Obama to Trump in 4 years? Has someone hacked the TV channels with some mental made up film? This is insane”.

The very outspoken front man of the Black Keys Patrick Carney took to social media and wrote, “Think of all the free coverage @CNN and the rest of the media gave Trump and all the money they will make with him as President”.

Avid Clinton supporter Katy Perry even went so far as to say that she was going to, “cry” her “fake eyelashes off”, according to the NME.

The Roots drummer Questlove tweeted out demonising US voters by stating, “we had one job”.

Chuck D from Public Enemy also decided to throw his opinions in the mix by going so far as to say, “Hitler is real”. Well yeah Chuck, he died like 60 years ago everyone knows he’s real.

Janelle Monae also commented about the election stating, “Ashamed of you right now. Ashamed”.

Cher jumped upon the gravy train and tweeted, “World will never be the same. Feel bad for the young”.

The previously silenced Demi Lovato wrote a heartfelt statement, “God bless my little sister’s generation”.

Incredibly talented singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers wrote, “there are darker things than the absence of light. im sweating”.

The controversial singer Arian Grande gave her take, “I am in tears”.

One of my personal favourite artists Frank Turner from here in the UK wrote on Twitter, “Well. Not quite the news I was hoping to wake up to.Fuck. Wishing my American friends of all shapes, colours and sizes, safety and peace”.

John Legend wrote, “I feel like America just sent through our tuition check for Trump University”.

Heck even Zara Larrson wrote, “this is really happening. this is really who america voted for… my heart is breaking into a million pieces”.

So it’s fair to say that the music industry is having a difficult time coping with these results. Being a young British music journalist, spearheading this lovely community and site, I want to wish all my American associates and friends good luck and peace for the coming few weeks. I know it’s a decision that has left the country divided, but together your country is strong and still remains the cultural hub of the world. You’ve been through much worse and come out even stronger, you’ll do it again this time.



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